Tuesday, 7 August 2018

How To Become Invisible

Merry meet everyone!

This blog post is something of an unusual one maybe, but the act of being invisible is a highly skilled piece of magick that takes a lot of practice and I think it is an important part of a witch's tool kit.

The first thing I am going to say is life is not an episode of "Buffy" or like it is in "The Craft", so don't think that by saying a few magick words and having the right herbs and crystals you'll be able to run down the street naked and nobody will see you.  Nor do I have a cloak like Harry Potter's.  So how do I achieve invisibility?  Practice and a large dose of what is known in my household as headology (and thank you to Sir Terry Pratchett and Granny Weatherwax for that term).

The truth is, it is very easy to be invisible, but we as a species are programmed to stand out and get noticed; that's why it takes practice, but once you've mastered it it will come very naturally.

The first thing is to consider what I mean by invisibility.  Without a cloak or ring that can be worn, the skill of the invisible witch is to pass unnoticed through crowds, down streets and not be bothered.  Now you might be wondering why someone would want to do this?  Have you ever been on a tight schedule and bumped into people you know who want to chat?  You could have slipped past them unnoticed.  Maybe you live in an area where you don't fit in and want to avoid animosity, you don't want to risk bumping into your ex while shopping, you have a massive zit and feel rubbish, or you just feel introverted and want to be left alone.  Whatever is going on in your life, there will eventually come a time when you just don't want to be noticed, and this is the skill of invisibility.

Ok, so down to basics, how do we start?  Like any witchcraft, we start with the very practical basics of course!  If you want to avoid attention you have to dress the part.  Dark clothing or at least muted colours works best; what you want to avoid are bright colours and patterns, logos, sparkles, anything that might catch the eye.  Think about what you're wearing on your feet as well, and avoid anything with a heel or that creates noise, so trainers or flat ballet pumps work best for women, or if the weather is accommodating DMs or sneakers do the job as well, just make sure they are dark colours and they blend in.  It is also a sad indictment of our world but cover up as much as possible as well, particularly women.  Yes, my inner feminist is screaming at me right now, but the truth is if you have a short skirt on or cleavage showing it is much harder to go about unnoticed, so my outfit of choice for this exercise is a black t-shirt, black gypsy skirt or jeans, and black ballet pumps or hiking boots with a soft rubber heel so you don't get the give-away clip clop as you walk down the street.  Oh, and as long as it's not raining a pair of dark sunglasses work a treat to hide your eyes and avoid inadvertently making eye contact with someone.  Of course if the weather is cold a dark, nondescript coat works wonders.

So we've dressed the part, now we're ready for the second phase.  This is all about your body language and acting in such a way you don't get noticed.  Sounds easy, right?  The skill is that even if someone looks right at you they won't remember seeing you.  Body language is so important here.  Normally we are taught to walk upright, looking around us and often without realising it we emit a signal that says "look at me!".  In fact next time you're in a crowd, just stop and watch the people going by and see which ways they subconsciously ask for attention.  Look for the guy in the business suit walking confidently down the middle of the pavement, his whole body demanding you look at him, see how important he is and get out of his way.  Notice the group of teenagers, all dressed in bright colours and laughing loudly at each other trying to get noticed and validated by the opposite sex.  Now look at the mum with the screaming toddler; is she keeping her head down and hoping nobody notices or has she got her head up and shoulders back, defiantly looking around as if to dare anybody to complain?  Ok, now we've seen it in others, we can apply what we've learnt.

Keep your head lowered a little, not so you can't see where you're going but just so you're not standing tall, and when you look around you try to keep your gaze lowered so as to avoid eye contact.  Keep to the edges of the crowd where the people are fewer and where few people look, and try to preempt where people will walk so you can avoid them.  This isn't about making last minute changes to your direction, as that will draw attention, but instead making sure you were never in that spot in the first place.  Use your own body language to signal where you will be and most people will glide right past you without noticing.

Be very aware of your surroundings and consciously keep yourself small. This is the final step, manipulating your energy field.  We all have energy fields around us, our auras, and they extend from our bodies to various distances depending on our physical and emotional state, and the circumstances we are in.  The bigger the aura, the more noticeable you are, so try to visualise a bubble around you that contains your aura so it is less likely to brush up against someone else's, giving them that "someone walked on my grave" feeling.  That bubble can actually act like a cushion, gently moving people out of your way as you calmly and gently walk through the crowds, so it is definitely a skill worth practicing.

So there you have it, without Hollywood special effects you know now how a witch can make herself invisible.  It sounds all very easy and mundane, but any witch worth her salt knows sometimes the hardest magick is the magick you create without props and using just your intent.  Give it a try; some days will be more successful than others, but keep practicing, because one day it might just save your life.  Or at least your dignity!

Blessed be )0(

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Back in Beautiful England!

Merry meet one and all!

Beltane and its a blue sky over the fields that border our village.
Photo: Susanne Warnett

Well it has been quite a while since I last blogged, and a lot has happened since then, but the headline is we have moved back to the UK after being stationed in the USA for almost six years.

We had such an amazing adventure in the US, and were able to visit amazing places like New Orleans, Tombstone, Salem and many amazing natural sites, but it was a bit like living in an amazing bubble, and we always knew the time would come when it came to an end and we would be moved back to the UK.

So here we are, back on home turf.  It's my first time living in Norfolk and I absolutely love it!  There is so much history to this part of England, from Boudicca to Matthew Hopkins and the witch hunts, and the energy is so invigorating.  We're not far from the ancient city of Norwich, and Ely is less than an hour away, but it's the fertility of the land that takes my breath away.  Seriously, everywhere you look it is green and verdant - a bit of a change from the Florida Panhandle or the Mojave desert!

We arrived just before Easter and managed to visit family, which meant I had to persuade my cat that he didn't want to live with my parents anymore and to come home with us.  He's settled in really quickly, as I expected him to, and straight away was back to his tricks every time I got my tarot cards out: once a witch's cat, always a witch's cat!

Even witch's familiars love the sun!
We love it here so much that we are looking to put down some roots and buy a house for the first time in over a decade, so in between tarot clients I am trying to keep on top of the admin, appoint conveyancers, find the perfect house... basically we're not bothering to unpack!  I've got my desk and the computer set up, and a few of my witchy supplies, but I haven't really found a space for my working altar yet, but the land has welcomed me and that will do as a blessing for now.

In the meantime I am back at work with my tarot clients, so if you were wondering how to make the most of the next few weeks and months, get in touch and I can either email you a reading or we can work via video, just click on the link at the top of the page to book a session with me.

Aside from the tarot work, I'm going to update this blog monthly or as the sabbats roll around, so if you have any questions about witchcraft or tarot you want answering, let me know, or if there are specific topics you'd like me to cover I can do that too.

Until next time everyone!

Blessed be )0(

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Autumn, Balance and Preparation

Merry meet once more my friends - I cannot believe that it is September already and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us!

Photo from https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/
September has always been one of my favourite months, despite it meaning I had to go back to school as a child.  Those long walks along woods drapes with wisps of mist, my breath just visible as the sun climbs high enough to warm the land, it getting so warm during the afternoon that you wonder why you bothered to grab a coat that morning, yep I love it all.

Even those of us who do not follow a nature-based spirituality can't help noticing the changes.  Maybe it's in the fading sun tans, or the need for a jumper when you go out.  For some it will be the change in produce available in the supermarkets and farmers' markets, as we say goodbye to such summer delights as tomatoes, courgettes and sardines but greet local apples, plums, oysters and venison.

For me, the most exciting change (OK, apart from the food) is the changing of the leaves.  I really missed them when Mr Witch Hazel and I were stationed in Florida and Southern California, but I hadn't realised how much until last autumn when, settled in Maryland on the East Coast, I saw my first proper autumn in four years and got a bit emotional.  I hadn't realised just how much my magick, which has died back so much since moving to the USA, is tied into the seasons, so to feel my power rushing through me again was a real relief.  I know things in nature are cyclical, so when I felt a real disconnection from my spirituality and magick here in the US I didn't beat myself up but used the time to focus on other areas.  I trained with a Lightworker who helped me to focus my energy and open up to working with the spirit realm, I learnt more about Voodoo and the Creole magick of New Orleans, I took up yoga again, and I honed my skills in the home, learning how to make breads, preserve the harvest and create unique quilts to keep us warm.

But the Autumn Equinox, known as Mabon in many witchy circles, is a time to find balance.  Like the trees about to face winter storms, we must decide what no longer serves us and shed those things, be they clutter from our homes or clutter from our souls.  For my husband and I this has already begun, and if you follow me on Twitter you may notice I am going through our house and putting loads of stuff in eBay ahead of moving back to the UK in the spring.  But it is also a time for me to spiritually clean house. What emotions or memories am I holding onto that are holding me back or even hurting me?  Do I need to make amends for anything in order to move on?  In a similar vein have I let things slip that I will regret further down the line, or is it time to move on with something?  These are all questions the equinox force us to face, and with the new moon coinciding with the equinox this is the perfect time to shed whatever is weighing us down and prepare for the dark months.

Blessed be )0(