Favourite Witchy Reads

This is a selection of my favourite "witchy" books, both non-fiction for studying and fiction for chilling.  It's my choice, you don't have to agree with me.  In fact, if you think I'm missing out, feel free to recommend an author or book.

Non-Fiction - Witchcraft
"The Real Witches' Handbook" - Kate West - a great general reference book
"How To Create A Magical Home" - Marie Bruce - household magick
"The Book of English Magic" - Philip Carr-Gomm & Richard Heygate - historical reference book, covers everything from ley lines to John Dee to Wicca
"Cottage Witchery" - Ellen Duggan - household magick
"The Wicca Bible" - Ann-Marie Gallagher - a good introduction and reference book for beginners
"Kissing The Hag" - Emma Restall-Orr - learning to love the darker side of being a woman
"The Witch's Broom" - Deborah Blake - magick and folklore about the witch's besom
"Buckland's Book of Saxon Witchcraft" - Raymond Buckland - a guide to Saxon Wicca for solitaries
"Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch" - Rachel Patterson - kitchen magick

Non-Fiction - Related Subjects
"Dictionary of Dreams" - Rose Inserra
"Grow Your Own Drugs" - James Wong
"The Inner Goddess Revolution" - Lyn Thurman
"The Tarot Bible" - Sarah Bartlett
"Zillions" - Titania Hardie
"Witchfinder General - The Biography of Matthew Hopkins" - Craig Cabell

"Witches Abroad" - Terry Pratchett
"Dime Store Magic" - Kelley Armstrong
"A Discovery of Witches" - Deborah Harkness
"The White Queen" - Philippa Gregory

Occult shelfie - well, some of them anyway!

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