Thursday, 21 September 2017

Autumn, Balance and Preparation

Merry meet once more my friends - I cannot believe that it is September already and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us!

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September has always been one of my favourite months, despite it meaning I had to go back to school as a child.  Those long walks along woods drapes with wisps of mist, my breath just visible as the sun climbs high enough to warm the land, it getting so warm during the afternoon that you wonder why you bothered to grab a coat that morning, yep I love it all.

Even those of us who do not follow a nature-based spirituality can't help noticing the changes.  Maybe it's in the fading sun tans, or the need for a jumper when you go out.  For some it will be the change in produce available in the supermarkets and farmers' markets, as we say goodbye to such summer delights as tomatoes, courgettes and sardines but greet local apples, plums, oysters and venison.

For me, the most exciting change (OK, apart from the food) is the changing of the leaves.  I really missed them when Mr Witch Hazel and I were stationed in Florida and Southern California, but I hadn't realised how much until last autumn when, settled in Maryland on the East Coast, I saw my first proper autumn in four years and got a bit emotional.  I hadn't realised just how much my magick, which has died back so much since moving to the USA, is tied into the seasons, so to feel my power rushing through me again was a real relief.  I know things in nature are cyclical, so when I felt a real disconnection from my spirituality and magick here in the US I didn't beat myself up but used the time to focus on other areas.  I trained with a Lightworker who helped me to focus my energy and open up to working with the spirit realm, I learnt more about Voodoo and the Creole magick of New Orleans, I took up yoga again, and I honed my skills in the home, learning how to make breads, preserve the harvest and create unique quilts to keep us warm.

But the Autumn Equinox, known as Mabon in many witchy circles, is a time to find balance.  Like the trees about to face winter storms, we must decide what no longer serves us and shed those things, be they clutter from our homes or clutter from our souls.  For my husband and I this has already begun, and if you follow me on Twitter you may notice I am going through our house and putting loads of stuff in eBay ahead of moving back to the UK in the spring.  But it is also a time for me to spiritually clean house. What emotions or memories am I holding onto that are holding me back or even hurting me?  Do I need to make amends for anything in order to move on?  In a similar vein have I let things slip that I will regret further down the line, or is it time to move on with something?  These are all questions the equinox force us to face, and with the new moon coinciding with the equinox this is the perfect time to shed whatever is weighing us down and prepare for the dark months.

Blessed be )0(

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