Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Deck Review - Deviant Moon Tarot

This is a very intriguing tarot deck with a visual style that is both unique and polarising; on forums and social media sites people either absolutely love it or find it really off-putting, but personally I love it for that.  It is a beautiful deck but not what most people would describe as pretty.

The moon has long been linked to our mental health and psychological wellbeing; this is where we get the term "lunacy" from, after all.  This aspect is reflected in the artwork, which is quite stylised and sometimes dark, but very captivating.  Many of the figures are humanoid, but may have a fish tail, cloven hooves or multiple limbs.  I feel that if he were alive today, Hieronymus Bosch would approve of this deck.

On a practical note the cards are printed on good quality cardstock, and measure 2.75" x 5.25 so they are longer and narrower than some traditional tarot decks and this makes them hard to shuffle if you have smaller hands.  Earlier editions have a white border around the images, and I know many people who have trimmed this border to make them easier to handle; there is also a borderless version if you like the original size but prefer a slightly larger image.  The backs have a pattern of crescent moons on them which makes it impossible to tell if a card is upright or reversed just by looking at the backs.  For the record Justice is card 8 and Strength is card 11.

The suits in the minor arcana are swords, wands, cups and pentacles.  It comes with a LWB that gives both upright and reverse meanings, as well as a unique spread, the Lunatic Spread.  Some editions also come with a poster of of the Lunatic Spread, and there is also a 340-page hardback companion book, available separately.

Deviant moon Tarot is created by Patrick Valenza and is published by U.S. Games Systems, INC

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