Monday, 14 November 2016

Will Trump's Win Change Your Practices?

Merry meet!

I was catching up on the various pages I follow on Facebook, and naturally the number one topic was Donald Trump being chosen as the next president of the USA.

Over on one pagan group someone asked "How do you all feel about the results and how do you think it will affect your practice?"

Well that got me thinking, so I left the following response.

"Ok so I'm a Brit but we are stationed in the US right now. I was gutted Trump won, but I do kind of understand how it happened. I can never forgive those that support him for his racist or misogynistic views, or the fact he mocks the disabled and claims climate change isn't real, but if you live in a town where there are no jobs and no money to keep local businesses afloat, if you were desperate enough then anyone who promised to reopen the mines or the factories would seem like a last-ditch desperate hope you could cling on to. If you then factor in the huge numbers of white working men who feel their entire way of life is under attack by women, minorities, and those that are "Other", and they see someone in high profile saying what they all dare only say in safe company, then it's no wonder Trump got in. Will it change my practices? Absolutely not, not in private. I live in an area where every privately owned business had a Trump sign on it, but I see it as my duty to still go out dressed how I dress, still with my pentacle necklace, and treat others in a way that I want to be treated. I shall continue to lead by example and not get dragged down by fear and hate."

However much I may have been shocked and afraid when I saw the results come in I know we must face this challenge head on.  Today my Twitter feed is full of rallying cries, of support for the riots and peaceful demonstrations alike, and I understand their anger and frustration, yet I feel there must be another way.

Before anyone thinks I'm going all fluffy bunny and "we must show them love", I'm really not.  A president that wants to take away my reproductive rights, my right to live my life without fear, who wants to conquer and divide and spread hate is never going to get my support.  This man, who throws his lawyers onto any opposition, is a dangerous man to lead one of the most powerful and war-hungry nations over the next four years, but we must not sink to his level.

We must stand up and defend those who cannot, we must support and believe women when they say they have been attacked, and we must support environmentalists and scientists when they show us the facts about climate change.  All these issues are vital components of my spirituality, my earth-based path and my feminism, and my witchcraft shall not change.

What about you?  How do you feel about the election results and will it change your practices?  Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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