Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Temperatures Drop, Magick Rises!

Merry meet!

There are a few moments in my life that I think of as life changing. I'm not talking about the usual life events such as leaving school, getting your heart broken or your wedding day, but instead those personal "eureka!" moments that reveal the next stage in your development.  Realising I was seeing the future in my dreams was one, as was discovering I was a witch.  Today I had another such moment, and it made me feel both excited and yet at the same time a little foolish, because like all revelations once it is known it is completely obvious.

If you've not been following my adventure, back in 2012 my husband and I came to live in the USA for my husband's job.  We spent the first two years in hot and humid Florida, then we spent two years living in the hot and very arid Californian desert, and then back in the summer we moved again to Maryland.  We've seen more of the USA than most Americans have, and we are having the best adventure, and I really don't take this opportunity for granted.  Having said that, there have been some unexpected longings, things I never thought I'd miss as much as I did, and one of those things was Autumn.

In both Florida and California we didn't really get an autumn, not in the way you do in the UK.  Sure it may have dropped below 30C and we all complained about the cold, but neither the long-needled pines of Florida nor the Joshua trees of the Mojave started changing from green to reds and golds as a signal that the days were getting shorter.  It's actually my favourite season, and reminds me of walking to school with a nip in the air and the mists rising off the fields, bringing the promise of Halloween, Guy Fawkes and the distant dream of Christmas, so I was thrilled to move to the east coast where I was assured I'd get to enjoy all four seasons again.

Autumn in Maryland
It really hasn't disappointed, but one thing I wasn't expecting was a boost to my magick.  Don't get me wrong, all my magickal working have done exactly what I needed them to, and my tarot is as spot on as ever, but I hadn't realised how out of sync I was with the wheel of the year after four years in alien climates.

It goes back to knowing where you come from, and where you draw your energy from.  I have noticed that the energy is more accessible, my intuition is ramped up, and I am feeling a connection to the threads of magick that I haven't felt since I left the UK.  I am more motivated, like I was a young witch starting out on my journey, and it feels like an old friend has given me a hug of encouragement and is running through the trees with me.

So what will the dark of the year hold?  I'm not sure yet but it will bring new depths to my understanding, added dynamics to my pathworking and anchor me firmly in the earth and the sky.

Have you ever had a eureka moment like this?  If so let me know I'm not alone and share your story of hope and encouragement in the comments below.

Until next time, and with love and light,

Blessed be )0(

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