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Working As A Video Psychic Part 3 - Making It Work

Merry meet one and all!

Welcome to the third part of my series explaining how to work on a website like Oranum as I do.  To see how to get started and why I chose Oranum, check out part one and for tips on some of the keys to success check out part two.  Here though, I will be talking you through some of the ways to really make Oranum work for you.  There seems to be lots to learn when you first sign up, and it can be a bit overwhelming, so hopefully by passing on what I've learnt you can hit the ground running.  Also don't forget if you haven't signed up yet and want to join my team you can do so here.

PC users can download Oranum software, Mac users not yet!

Free Chat, Members and Online Areas

The first thing to be aware of is how to best use the free chat area.  This is your live feed and is basically your stall in the online marketplace.  There are also two other areas, members only and the online area; these areas mean your camera isn't live until someone clicks on the button, so they are handy if you need to take a phone call, go to the bathroom or make a coffee.  You can still be hired for a reading, but you make 5% less than you do if you are hired from free chat.  It's also worth noting that if someone hires you from members only the camera and reading begin immediately, while from the online area it rings like a phone call which is handy if you're not sat in front of the camera.

It is advisable to be in free chat at all times, not just because it is much easier to attract new clients if they can see and chat to you, but also because whenever someone visits the Oranum homepage or has the advert pop up on a website they are viewing, there is always a randomly selected live feed from someones free chat, and that draws people in to visit you.

Expert Awards And Cash Bonuses

This is a good point to mention the expert awards, as the higher your rewards the higher up the rankings you appear.  You are marked each period on your audio/video feed quality, free chat activity, introductory text, pictures and videos and the camera environment; a member of the Oranum staff visits your room to check all these things and that score is set for the full two-week period.  You also receive marks for the number of private readings you do, the feedback you receive and member manager usage (more on this later) but these scores fluctuate because you are compared to the psychics, or experts as Oranum calls us, with the highest scores. These are important because the experts with the highest scores receive a special badge for their page and receive pride of place on the home page, driving more traffic their way.

If you receive three stars in all of the five categories Oranum judges and you spend at least 77 hours in free chat then you are eligible for some serious cash bonuses.  Again, you are ranked against other experts based on how much time you spend in private readings, so the more available you make yourself the higher up the rankings you go, and at the end of the pay period any bonuses you have earnt will be added to your sales and paid out to you in your chosen way, most commonly a cheque because electronic transfers carry a fee.

Making The Most Of Free Chat

So, back to making the most of free chat.  This is your shop front, so always be professional.  Eating and smoking are not allowed and you will be heavily fined if you are caught, though drinking is permitted provided it's not alcohol.  You will receive a ping to let you know someone has arrived in your free chat room, so greet everyone with a smile and a hello.  Members will be shown on the left with their username, on the right will be guests and they are just listed as guest01, guest4, and so on; always encourage guests to register for a free account because only members can get readings and guests will get timed out after a minute or so and prompted to sign in or register.  In free chat we can be seen and heard but guests cannot and must type to us; the exception is if they are accessing the website from a mobile device they can't get audio, and then you get a little symbol like a smart phone by their message to show you must type back to them.

One of the things I find useful is to have a word document to the side of my screen with a selection of pre-written messages that I can just copy and paste if necessary.  The most common one I use is a message encouraging guests to register for a free account and come back to join in the chat, though I also have one that suggests if someone wants my undivided attention to click on the "take me private" button to start a reading.  It's handy as well if you have a promotion on and want to mention that without breaking the flow of conversation.  Chat to everybody but have boundaries. Remember this is a public space so dissuade members from giving away too much personal information in free chat to protect their internet security, but remind them that even if they don't want a reading you are willing to go private just to discuss the matter confidentially if you feel comfortable doing that.  I keep a list of helpful contacts that I can pass on to clients during a reading because some people come to us for quite serious and personal reasons, so at the minimum have the contact details for organisations like the Samaritans close to hand, and not just for your country.

You will get people that ask you for a reading in free chat, and you have to say no.  Firstly, it is against the rules of the site and secondly you are giving away your services for free, which defeats the point of being on Oranum. Never give your skills away for free, in real life as well as business - nobody really appreciates a freebie and you risk being known as the person who gives free readings.  Remember if you don't place a value on your skills, nobody else will either.  Never lose sight of the fact you have bills to pay and you do not get paid unless you are doing a reading.  However, some members just want to see you demonstrate your skills, and this is where the demos come into it.

Demo Readings

Demo readings are great opportunities
Another good way to attract new clients is to do demo readings. Every 30 minutes a reader in free chat gets selected to do a demo, and this is a great way to demonstrate your reading style and the tools you use.  You get a 10-minute notification saying you've been selected and you will instantly see your room fill up with members because once selected your feed is on the home page and all the adverts around the world.  It does become impossible to greet everyone personally, but do your best.  Explain who you are and what services you offer, and the form your demo will take.  So many people will ask to be selected, but for practical reasons try to rule out anyone who is on a mobile device because you need to be as dynamic as possible if your video feed is being broadcast globally and typing is boring for viewers.  I also favour members who have a little heart by their name because this means they have topped up with credits and got readings several times and are therefore more likely to purchase my services.  Bear in mind that your free chat is public and try to avoid getting too in depth with the reading and compromising client confidentiality; this is a good way to encourage people to go private with you after the demo as well.  During a demo you will often get one or two people acting as gatekeepers; this means they will ask people not to type to you while the demo is in progress leaving you to concentrate on the demo itself, which is very kind of them.

Private Readings

If someone takes you private it is always best to make sure they can see and hear you clearly straight away so they get the best experience possible, then you can start the reading.  It is important you are clear and easy to understand, so take a deep breath and make sure you're not rushing your speech out of nerves.  If you need to ask questions then do so, and respond to any questions the client has as well, just as you would in a face-to-face reading.  Obviously you are paid by the minute but try to avoid dragging the reading out unnecessarily as you will get negative feedback and a bad reputation as a time waster and a dodgy person. Should the client run low on credits you get a countdown appear on your screen; this is your opportunity to prompt them to add more credits, which they can do from the same screen without leaving the reading, or wrap up the reading.  Always ask a member to leave you feedback before the end of the reading, because the amount of feedback you receive goes towards your expert awards and helps other members see how good you are.

Once a reading is done there is a section in the psychic centre where you can make your own notes about the reading.  This is found in your member manager section.  This is also where you can email the members who have got readings from you.  I heartily recommend you get into a routine of emailing all your clients weekly.  You should always email after a reading, and I use this as an opportunity to go over what we discussed in the reading so they have something to refer back to as the situation progresses.  I also suggest areas we can look at in the next reading and ask them to keep in touch so I know how they are getting on.  You can email members once a week, so if the "Last message sent" area has a green envelope you should email them again to touch base; remember you get scored on how often you message members because it's all about keeping in touch and encouraging them back.

Oranum Support

One thing to note is Oranum has got a lot better at weeding out the weirdos, but you do occasionally still get them.  It might be that they use bad language or are offensive in some way to you or a member, but whatever it is you can click on their username and either kick them out your room or ban them for the duration of your session; you can also report them and I have to say Oranum are very quick to respond once you complain.  Remember if someone makes you feel uncomfortable you don't have to tolerate it and by making Oranum aware you can help to keep it a safe space for everyone; having said that I personally have had three incidents in the two and a half years I have been working on Oranum, so it is rare.  If in doubt copy their user name using your mouse, go straight to your psychic centre and click on online support in the information section for real-time contact with the admins and report the member involved.

The information section also has the knowledge base which is a great resource for experts, and you can often find the answer to your question there.  It covers everything from tools for success and tips on best practices through to ethics, tutorial videos and payment/technical support FAQs.  For less urgent matters you can use the "contact support" option, while the news section has all the latest updates including announcements of future promos and bonus availabilities.  For example at Halloween they ran a costume competition encouraging us to dress up and get the members to vote for their favourites, with cash bonuses for the winning psychic and free credits available for members who voted to encourage engagement.

So that's some of my top tips for making it work on Oranum.  In the next part I will explain about how to use the main Oranum website to share photos, notify members when you're online, maximise your visibility on the home page, create a club and lots more, so keep an eye open for that in the next few days.  Don't forget if you want to sign up and join my team click here!

Until next time everyone,

Blessed be )0(

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