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Working As A Video Psychic Part 2 - Keys To Success

Merry meet one and all.

Alongside my other work I also work as a tarot reader on Oranum, and I find it a great way of accessing a global customer base without having to spend a fortune on travel.  It also means my set-up costs are a minimum and, being such a large website, they do a lot of advertising saving me the expense.  Clients get to see me and talk to me face to face and in real time, adding to the authenticity and enabling a better quality of communication because they can see me.

So in part 1 I discussed how to get set up, which is very easy, and in this part I will give you some tips to using the site effectively.  Don't forget, if you haven't signed up yet you can do so here and join my team.

Setting The Scene

As I mentioned in part 1, you do need a username so pick one that reflects who you are and what you do, or keep it fairly the same across your brand; mine, for example, is Witchhazel74 and everyone knows to look for Witch Hazel.  You will need a profile picture, and this is very important.  Choose a picture that really sells you.  Make sure you are looking professional, and try to include visual clues as to what you do.  Mine, for example, has me sat in front of my occult library with tarot cards spread before me as in a reading, but others use a straight headshot in front of an esoteric background, or props such as crystal balls, gypsy headscarfs, or just a smiling picture of themselves.  This is not the time to use a selfie or your humorous Facebook profile pic.  Make the photograph as professional as possible; ideally get it done by a professional photographer as it is the first thing many clients will see and can be classed as a business expense for tax purposes.  You can also upload a short video introduction that members can access when you're offline, so apply the same level of professionalism to that as you do your photo.

About You

The next thing you want to do is write your bio.  Your bio should tell potential clients a bit about yourself, what services you offer, your training and any relevant qualifications.  You can also mention anything else you do or have done that can lend a sense of authority to your profile, though be sure not to mention any other companies or publications by name as this is seen as advertising and is not allowed on Oranum.  So for example mine states that I am an "intuitive, empathic tarot reader who loves to put people back in control of their path."  I then go on to outline what I do, how I can help, and a bit about my background; in this section I mention not just where I get my skills from but also how I honed them, including mention of my degree in psychology and its relevance to my tarot practice, my certification as a law of attraction practitioner and my writing for a spiritual magazine and my weekly radio show that uses tarot and numerology to learn about the world.  Include anything you think is relevant, however, don't forget to check this information and update it as necessary so it doesn't get stale or out of date.

There are sections to select how many years of experience you have, any languages other than English you are fluent in, and the services you offer on Oranum, as well as the topics you cover.  Again, keep this up to date because members of Oranum can search for readers by name or by category, so if you are a tarot reader who also reads Lenormand cards and provides reiki healing or are a numerologist or cast horoscopes and can provide information on career, relationships and health, then make sure all those boxes are ticked!

Hours Of Business

Possibly the most underrated tool you have for gaining clients is the schedule.  You can set the timezone you work in and show when you will be online.  It is your hours of service and it means a potential client can check when you will be available and come back then.  Treat this as your job and you have no excuse not to use the schedule, as you would be putting in the hours in the office anyway.  Always stick to the hours you have promised to be online and don't be afraid to go over or, if you have a bit of quiet time with nothing to do, do a bonus session outside of your normal hours.  This often works really well because you will find a whole new set of potential clients who can meet you and get to know you.  Remember that Oranum is a global site, so just because it's late for you it will be the perfect time for someone on the other side of the world.  Play around and see what times give you the best results, and don't forget weekends.

Setting Your Rate

So now you're set to go, but what should you charge?  As I explained in part 1 you spend the first 40 hours at the introductory rate of 0.99 credits a minute, but then you unlock the pay scale.  This ranges from 1.49/minute to 9.99/minute.  While I'm not going to tell you what to charge I have learnt a few things that can help you decide what you are worth.  The cheaper your rate the more attractive you may seem, but at the lower end you will find you get a more casual client.  These clients often see getting a reading as a bit of fun and just want to get their fortune told and sit back and wait to see if it comes true.  By charging somewhere in the middle, from 3.99-5.99, you tend to filter out more of the time wasters and instead attract people who see what you do as a skill and understand that they need to listen to the advice given and act accordingly.  Play around with it a bit, see how you get on at 4.99 and then see if things change if you drop to 3.99 or go up to 5.99; even try it at 9.99 to see if that works for you, but my one piece of advice is don't start too low just because you are new to the website.  You are worth more than 2.99/minute, believe me, and nothing says "I'm not very good at this" like bargain-basement pricing.  Believe me, I learnt that the hard way.

Another thing to mention is Oranum take a cut so your rate should compensate you for that.  It used to be a straight 50% but they recently changed it to reward those that are online more, so now if you are earning less that $100 in a two-week period you make 30%, and that goes up as your earnings go up until you hit the $2500+ mark when you get 60%.

One final thing to suggest is you tick the box to volunteer to do demo readings.  Demos are done every half an hour and they are a great way to showcase your skills and reading style.  As soon as you get picked for a demo, which happens ten minutes before the demo is due to begin, you will notice your free chat area fill with new people and most of them won't have visited you before.  I'll go into more detail about best demo practices in part 3.

So that's enough to get you up and running.  Don't be afraid to set up a second account using a different login so you can go in as a muggle and see what the other experts are doing.  That's a great way to get ideas for your background, how you conduct your free chat area, and possibly more importantly what doesn't work and what makes you look unprofessional.  You can also look at readers that charge more than you do to see what, if anything, they do differently; you might suddenly realise you're providing a better service than your rate suggests.

Look out for part 3 when I will fill you in on best practices for working as a live video psychic on Oranum, but until next time,

Blessed be )0(

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