Thursday, 13 August 2015

Connecting With Your Guardian Angel or Patron Spirit

Merry meet!

On this weeks Angelic Realms Radio show (if you missed it you can listen here) we were discussing whether we all have a guardian angel and how you can contact them, and I mentioned a ritual I learnt as a new witch for meeting your patron deity or guide.  I thought I would share it here with you all, but I need to give full credit for this ritual to Ann-Marie Gallagher because I found this ritual in her book "The Wicca Bible", and while I know I am not a Wiccan, I still find many of the rituals she describes very beautiful and useful.

First thing, I am going to assume you already know how to open up and prepare yourself for a ritual such as this.  Each path does this slightly differently, and if you're Solitary you will have developed your own opening ritual, so do whatever it is you do to prepare.  Secondly, as Ann-Marie points out, there are many vague elements to this ritual because it is up to you and your patron deity to fill in the details.  And while we're on the subject of patrons, please try not to force a particular deity to work with you or control the visualisation in such a way that it is meaningless; just because you want to work with Diana or Hecate, doesn't mean they want to work with you.

Once you have opened up and found yourself in that quiet, dark space and you are ready to begin, open your inner eyes and you will see you are beside a stone gateway, through which you can see sunlight and hear the wind in the trees and birds singing.  It is a safe place.  Step through the gateway and you will see the path you are on branches to the left and right. Choose one and set off, taking note of the texture of the ground beneath your feet, the heat from the sun or the cool of the breeze, and what you see around you.  You may see animals or birds, certain types of tree, or maybe the landscape changes.  Take a note of these details and continue down the path.

After a while, it branches off again.  Choose a direction and it will lead you to a particular terrain.  Are you going deeper into a forest, climbing a mountain or uphill into open fields?  Maybe it leads you to a cave or a building.  Keep going and you will see an object, maybe lying on the path, set upon a rock or altar, or hanging from a branch.  Pick it up, because this is a gift from your patron so accepting the gift means you accept them as your patron.  What is it?  Is it natural or crafted?  If it doesn't have an obvious significance it doesn't matter, you can meditate on that later.

You become aware of a figure approaching you.  This is your patron god or goddess.  Note their appearance, what they wear, the expression on their face, any colours around them, whether they are young or old.  Are they alone or are there any creatures accompanying them?  Maybe they are carrying something that is a clue to their identity.  Note as many details as feel significant.

Now you have accepted them, you can ask them questions about your spiritual development if you wish.  They may have guidance on your chosen path, or choose to tell you exactly who they are and why they are your patron.  However they might also set you the task of figuring this out yourself, in which case all the clues will be there for you to uncover over time.

When you have finished talking, thank your patron for choosing you and retrace your steps back through the stone gateway.  Pass through, back into the darkness, and slowly raise your energy until you are back in the real world.  Open your eyes, make as many notes as you can, then close down and ground yourself again.

Now obviously the radio show is about angels, but I see no reason why this guided visualisation wouldn't work for encountering your guardian angel. Whatever divine being you are accepting as your patron, pay attention over the following month as further clues or confirmations will crop up.  Try not to dismiss them as wishful thinking or just coincidence; instead write them down with your notes and see if there are any particular symbols or patterns appearing.

Once you know the identity of your patron, do some research on them. Think about why they have chosen to work with you at this time.  Look at their strengths, skills and area of expertise and see how this can be applied to your life, particularly if they reflect things you need help with.  Finally look for something that will symbolise your patron, or create one yourself, and add it to your altar and use it for meditation.

If you've done this or a similar guided visualisation, let me know who your patron is and how they are helping you, and we can compare notes and learn from one another.

Until next time everyone,

Blessed be )0(

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