Thursday, 23 July 2015

Who Wants More Money?

Recently in my free chat we were discussing magickal and feng shui techniques to bring wealth into the home and keep it.  While I'm not a feng shui expert in any way, there are some techniques we can all use to make money flow a bit smoother.

One thing I always do is keep three shiny pennies in my purse and three under my front doormat.  This works on the theory of like attracts like and you are said to always have money coming into your home and into your purse or wallet.  Try to deal with financial matters on a Thursday, the best day energetically to deal with wealth, and because green is the colour of money and growth try to keep your bills and bank statements in a green folder or box to encourage enough money to come into your life; try burning a green candle while you're doing your finances for an extra boost.

Pennies under my doormat
In feng shui the west of your home is the place to concentrate on for increasing wealth; try placing shiny metal coins on a red cloth and red flowers in a round metal vase in the western area to help you reap the rewards of your hard work and negotiate a pay rise or new job.  Another tip is to remember that the number eight signifies eternal physical and spiritual wealth, so you often see pictures in the entranceway to homes that have eight goldfish and one black fish, the goldfish bring in the wealth while the black one protects your wealth and career and stops the wealth aspect from being too dominant.

Growing green shrubs around your front door, particularly if they have rounded leaves, is also said to bring wealth into the home, and don't forget if you have some basil you can perform my money-maker spell which is in the blog archives.

So there's a few tips.  If you try them out let me know how you get on!

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