Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Spell To Find A New Ideal Home

Merry meet one and all, and today I would like to bring you another spell from my Book of Shadows.

One of my clients on Oranum asked if there was anything they could do to find a new home; the house they rent is infested with vermin and she's had enough, so I passed on this spell to her.

My last spell; as you can see it didn't take very long at all!
Draw a square on a piece of paper.  Think about the four most important elements of your new home and write them along the four sides of the square.  This can be anything from providing security to physical things like having a big garden or being near the train station, it is whatever is most important to you.

Light a green candle for prosperity and good luck.  Take a few minutes to imagine your new home, how happy you will be there, and what you will do to get it, such as looking on the internet or visiting an estate agent.  Once your image is nice and clear, dribble wax from the candle along the sides of the square.  Once you're done, blow the candle out.

Repeat this every day, going over the square until it builds up, like the foundations of your new home.  By the time the candle burns down you will have a good lead for your new house, though I usually find it takes no more than a month.

Happy house hunting everyone, and blessed be )0(

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