Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Magickal Ways to Sell Your Home!

Merry meet everyone!

If you listened in to our show on Angelic Realms Radio on Tuesday 30 June (you can listen here if you missed it) then our last caller was asking how to sell a home that had been on the market for a few months.  This is something a lot of people want to know, particularly as the market is very tricky in many areas around the world right now.

If this is you, and you have a good realtor or estate agent, the house is neat and tidy and is priced correctly, but you're just not getting offers or even people asking to view the property there are steps you can take.  From a magickal point of view you could try this spell - well I am a witch!

If a good price is important then do this on a Thursday, but if a quick sale is more important do it on a Sunday.  Get the advert for your property or a picture of it and think about all the good things that happened there and how they'll happen to the next inhabitant too. Light some sandalwood and some frankincense and walk around the house clockwise chanting this spell in every room and by every door to the outside:

"With this incense, with this fire,
I will attract many a buyer.
Oh buyer, drawn to this house be
And good things will happen to thee!"

My grandmother's bell
Other things you can do include getting rid of any stagnant energy that might be putting people off.  Throw open the doors and windows to let the fresh air and energy in then, again working clockwise, start going from room to room ringing a bell.  Walk around each room clockwise and pay attention to the corners where the dust and negativity gathers.  Don't forget to secure the building afterwards.  Place a green leafy plant by the front door, or paint it green if you're able to, and if you're going to be there before the viewing bake something containing cinnamon and vanilla, or light incense, because not only will it smell inviting but magickally cinnamon promotes good business and luck while vanilla encourages positive feelings.

Good luck, and if it helps let me know in the comments!

Blessed be

Post originally appeared on angelpractitioners.com

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