Thursday, 7 May 2015

Just For A Laugh (Because even witches get sick sometimes)

Merry meet everyone, just thought I'd put this out there for a laugh.  Yes I was indeed going to record a proper video about what to expect from a tarot reading with me, but one look at the state of me in this video and I'm sure you'll understand why I'm putting it off for a few days, hehehe.

Anyway I have my not-lemsip-because-you-don't-get-them-in-America hot drink and I've got the heating on and eucalyptus oil in my burner behind me, so I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend and I'll try not to breathe on you :)

With love and light,

Blessed be )0(

P.S, Please send tea and cake xxx

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