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Using The Moon

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As a witch I understand the power of the moon and I follow her cycle for my magick and spiritual practices, but did you know you can harness the power of the moon?
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Long before I realised I was a witch I used to be fascinated by the moon. You would often find me standing gazing up at the full moon while I gave my pet rabbit a final cuddle before going to bed, or staring out of my bedroom window at Her (the moon is always female and is a representation of the Goddess).  She always calmed me and fascinated me in equal measures.  How amazing must it have been to stand on Her surface, move through what passed for Her atmosphere and gaze back at Earth!  I used to love the way She could cast a shadow so clear, and often on days when the Sun had been obscured by cloud so I was shadowless.

It was a silent plea to the Moon that awakened me to my powers and started me on a journey as a witch (if you wanted to know more, click here), and recently I have become aware that my own body has tuned into the lunar cycle and I now get my Moontime (or my menstrual period) around the last quarter as She approaches Her dark time.

However, we can all use the moon's energy for magickal purposes.  One way is to charge your tools by the light of a full moon.  I do this periodically with my crystal ball; I stand it on a windowsill or in the garden away from direct street light but where the full moon can reach it.  It doesn't matter if it is cloudy, She will still be emitting energy, but try to avoid the sun directly touching it; my back yard is perfect because the sun rises at the front and passes over to the back so even if it is past dawn when I collect my tools the sun won't have directly touched it.

Moon water & crystal ball charging under the full moon
Another thing you can do is make Moon Water.  Ideally take some natural water from a stream or lake, but if you plan on drinking it or washing with it you might prefer pure mineral water or spring water.  Fill a glass bowl or jar with the water, place a cover over it to prevent contamination, and as before leave it out over night during the full moon.  This water can then be used on your alter, for cleansing tools, you can add it to bath water or even drink it to take on some of Lady Luna's qualities and power.

Of course when performing magick the phase of the moon is very important for most paths.  Banishing magick is performed as the Moon wanes or is dark, while magick to attract should be performed during the waxing moon when She is growing bigger.  Many witches celebrate the full moons of the year as particularly sacred times; these are known as esbats.

Even the most unmagickal people often notice that their dreams are more vivid around the full moon, and sleep can often be lighter and more disrupted at this time as we all get influenced by the growth in power.  If you think that's nonsense just bear in mind that the biggest tides always fall around the full moon, and we are mostly water so it is easy to see how she can influence us.  If you are developing your spiritual skills I always suggest keeping a dream dictionary and noting down not just the details of the dream but also the phase of the moon.  As you get more in tune you may also find your dreams take on more significance during a new moon as well.

Hazy moon over the desert
If you've ever wanted to try scrying you can use the full moon.  If you have a crystal ball you can sit out under the moonlight and, making sure the moon is reflected on the ball, see what you can see in the depths.  If you don't have a crystal ball you can do the same thing with a bowl of water; some people recommend adding black ink to the water to improve the process, and I would at least use a dark bowl rather than a clear glass one, but like everything it comes down to what works best for you.

So there's a few ideas for next time we have a full moon.  Are there particular full moon practices or folklore you know of, or do you get together with friends for the esbats?  If so, please share them in the comments below.

Until next time everyone,

Blessed be )0(

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