Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Exciting Guest on Today's Angelic Realms Radio

Merry meet everyone!

Frequent followers may have noticed that while I was on holiday my radio station LifeScape Radio changed over to Angelic Realms Radio.  Although at this stage I don't work with angels, I recognise that the higher energy they represent certainly influences all of us, so this change is quite exciting.

Even more exciting though is we have a guest on today's show, the amazing Lyn Thurman!  When I first joined social media, and Twitter in particular, Lyn was one of the first witches I connected with.  I just liked her, she was "normal" rather than pretending to be all ethereal and other-worldly and even though we'd never met (still haven't) I felt like she was the type of woman I could be friends with.
The lovely Lyn, photo from her website

When I moved to Florida and lost my way spiritually as well as emotionally to an extent, in a wonderful moment of synchronicity Lyn launched her Inner Goddess Revolution, a call to arms for women everywhere to reconnect with their inner divine spark and through that learn to make themselves the most important person in their world.  That may sound selfish, but it's not about stepping away from your responsibilities; instead it's about placing a value on your skills, your knowledge, your passions, and if life has taken you away from those things then you can reintroduce them into your life and it will enrich you and those around you.  I joined in the revolution, became a member of her Soul Path Tribe (I blogged about it here and my preceding crisis here) and that basically gave me the strength to start on the journey that brought me to this point, living my dream as a witch and professional tarot reader, co-hosting a radio show, and most importantly back on my spiritual path.
My signed copy!

Friday 27th March marks the release of Lyn's book "The Inner Goddess Revolution" and to celebrate we have Lyn joining us on the show on Tuesday 24th March.  She will be telling us a bit more about her revolution and her book, and you can join us!  We go on air at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern/8pm GMT and you can listen live here, join in the chat room and if you want to chat to Lyn just call (949) 203-4840 and press 1 during show time or if you're not in the USA you can Skype in for free by clicking the Skype button that will appear nearer the time.  I am so excited! :)

Until next time everyone,

Blessed be )0(


Missed the show?  You can listen here at any time!

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