Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How To Cleanse Your Chakras

Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest blog post.

Following a conversation on my new show "Psychically Speaking" I thought I would share with you the way I was taught to cleanse my chakras.  Most of us will be able to do this easily enough, particularly if you are used to meditating or using energy in a spiritual way.  There are other techniques you can use, and there are plenty of guided meditations on the internet, or indeed you can visit a reiki healer or someone trained in balancing the energies.  However I like to be as self-sufficient as I can be so I thought I would show you one way to do it yourself.

Firstly, find a comfortable place to sit where you won't be disturbed, and darken the room.  While the lotus position is usually shown when demonstrating the location of the chakras it is by no means essential, but I do find either sitting on the floor or having my feet on the floor often feels most comfortable and keeps us connected to the ground.  Draw the energy of the earth up through your body and with each breath visualise the energy rising through your body and lighting up your chakras one at a time.  Once the energy is flowing, expand your energy into a protective bubble around you; this will keep you safe while you do the necessary work.  If you are working in a group you can all send your energy clockwise to the person sitting to your left and in this way it will spin through and around all of you.  Concentrate on your breathing, until you have reached your meditative state.
The locations of the Chakras

Visualise a beautiful safe place with a water source.  This could be a beach, by a stream, next to a waterfall, or even a pretty courtyard with a fountain.  The water that flows comes directly from the Divine or Sacred Earth and it is here we will cleanse our chakras.

Starting at the bottom at your Root chakra, see your chakra as a glowing ball of light.  Carefully remove it and hold it in your hands.  Really look at it, and see if any areas are dull or appear to be coated in dirt of some sort.  Take your chakra and carefully hold it under the running water, turning it or gently washing it until the tarnish has gone and the energy shines out.  Replace it back in it's correct location and move on to the Sacral chakra, and repeat for all your chakras, moving methodically up your body.  One word of caution; when you reach your throat chakra many people prefer to leave a delicate patina over the chakra so as to prevent them from over-talking or saying something inappropriate.  I have known people become unusually chatty and start sharing information with strangers if they have a gleaming throat chakra - you have been warned!  Once you are happy they have all been cleansed, close your chakras down part way until they feel comfortable; often if people feel inexplicably tired or suffer discomfort in a certain area of the body, there is a connection to the chakra being too open or closed and an imbalance of energy has been occurring.  Once you are done, slowly wind back the energy bubble you have created, give thanks to the Universe for helping and protecting you, and perform your version of the ritual of cake and ale to ground yourself.

This may take a bit of practice, and it is perfectly ok to work on one chakra at a time.  If I've been doing a lot of psychic work I tend to give my Third Eye chakra a bit of a brush down even if I don't do the others all the time, so feel free to focus on one in particular if you feel it needs the TLC.
Give it a try, and if you notice a difference let me know.

With love and light,

Blessed be.

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