Friday, 18 July 2014

A Change Is Coming...

Merry meet one and all; I hope you are all well and enjoying everything July has to offer.

This time of year is always exciting for me.  It reminds me of the excitement of the school holidays, lazy afternoons playing in the street or garden, or enjoying tea and biscuits with my gran.

This year summer is bringing new adventures.  Our Floridian escapades are coming to an end and next month will see us moving to Southern California.  With four weeks to go there is plenty still to be done, though some bits have been packed up ready.  As much as I find moving stressful, I cannot wait to explore a new part of this vast country, and I can't wait to revisit some of the places I travelled through on a holiday many years ago.

There are other changes I've got planned, including taking my tarot and witchcraft business to a new level.  I'm already scanning the internet for psychic fairs and New Age festivals that I might be able to rent a table at, and I'm getting together supplies for some jewellery.

My latest idea involves charms.  I love charms as a divinatory tool; traditionally Christmas puddings would have charms stirred into them, and whoever got the silver sixpence was going to be blessed with wealth.  The horseshoe brought luck, the boot meant travel, the thimble, if found by a young lady, meant she'd stay a spinster all year, and so on.

Taking this as inspiration, I began assembling my own charm bracelet.  At the moment I have just a few charms, but I intend to keep adding to it and so each charm represents a different possibility.  The scissors tell me to cut the ties that bind me to something destructive; the mask indicates someone is hiding their true face, and so on.

I've just ordered a selection of new charms from a shop on Etsy that I will add to it, and then start making them to sell to you wonderful lot either as jewellery or as a divinatory tool.  Once they are listed in my shop I will let you all know, and each one will be limited edition.

I look forward to seeing what you all think!

Blessed be )0(

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