Monday, 5 May 2014

Guest Post - Emera's Story

Today I am honoured to bring you another guest post, this time by the gifted and wonderful Emera.  I was lucky enough to sit in circle with her last year, and in that single session I learnt so much and it's true to say she helped me get to where I am today.  This is her story.

"Hello, I'm Emera, my spiritual name given to me by Onawa.  As from Onawa's blog, you will know that we met and we chatted and realised we were both spiritual beings.  However my upbringing was different to Onawa’s.  I was brought up with the knowledge that death wasn’t the end and Spirit is always around us all.  My Grandma taught me that the tingles up across our backs were Spirit telling us they were present.  My mum and Grandma would take my sister and I to SNU (Spiritualist National Union) church services from an age around 8.  One of my earliest memories was picking a flower and holding it for a time before entering the service and placing it with the visiting medium.  From my early 20’s I sat in both church based circles and private medium led circles and always got the tingles but didn’t progress massively despite my innate trust that Spirit was around me.

So fast forward many years, myself and Onawa are in a circle (linked to an independent spiritualist church) and the objective was to develop platform mediums.  Onawa and myself were not loving this objective as we both felt we wanted to progress personally but not for public use!  As a school teacher I was feeling that I was a very poor student, I wasn’t progressing and when giving messages, whilst correct, my inner fear was hampering the process.

Then a chance meeting (ahem, no such things as coincidences) my mum had met this amazing lady and she led various workshops that my ‘spiritual sisters’ (Onawa, Selena, Bronwen) and myself attended. We were all hooked on how much we progressed and my spiritual sisters told me that we should sit in our home circle and as I was a teacher, I therefore should lead the circle!
I knew I could teach children but teach and lead others along their spiritual pathway was daunting but instinctively I knew that it was time for action and that we were put together for a reason.  So I started becoming circle teacher and would ask Spirit what we should do; slowly I had ideas ‘pop’ into my head and when we tried them out…it worked, we learnt and progressed!  We would all be astounded by what we experienced and I was gaining confidence that I was getting the right advice from Spirit, despite me feeling that the activities were something ‘I just made it up.’  The difference of sitting in our home circle was that there were no strangers, no egos, no hidden agendas but just love and pride when we all achieved and of course laughter!

I was blessed that an amazing lady came into our life, and she become known affectionally as ‘head teacher’ while I was called ‘teach’.  Head Teacher was my point of contact if I needed guidance or advice regarding our home circle and I would tell her of our progress and experiences and when she realised there were gaps in our knowledge, a workshop was booked!  We sat in our home circle for over a year and we laughed, cried and progressed significantly along our own spiritual pathways, each with our own unique skills and knowledge.

Last year, Onawa and Bronwen moved away but we still distantly connect with each other during a set time and for a set purpose. For the last year, thanks to Selena, I have learnt to read tarot (reading it both instinctively and traditionally) and Selena and I continued the home circle but with new members, one of them being a man I had met on shamanic course about a year ago (another ‘no such thing as coincidences’).   Head Teacher was going on the course and encouraged me to attend and boy was I feeling out of my comfort zone and felt scared and insecure about exploring something so very different.  So I paid for my mum and me to attend and it was THE turning point for both of us. Our spiritual interests are now much more varied i.e. shamanic/paganism/druidism practices, the Angelic/Ascended masters/magical folk realms, crystals etc. These, I feel, are my tools that have opened my eyes, heart and mind to the wider spiritual world, a world that isn't always promoted in SNU churches!

So zip forward to current day, and I have moved house, away from my beloved circle.  I am now living near Stonehenge and I know Spirit have put me here for a reason…which is still unknown!  But I continue to trust in Spirit that they are around me and I ask them ‘to sort things out’ which is beneficial in order to serve my higher purpose."

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