Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Deck Review - The Spirit of Flowers Tarot

Merry meet everyone!

This is a very beautiful, gentle deck.  It uses the language of flowers, but interestingly the tarot meanings are non-traditional in many ways.  An example is the seven of swords.  Traditionally this card is a bit of a difficult one, appearing when there is deception, dishonesty, or avoiding the truth.  In this deck the seven of swords is represented by the snowdrop, which in the language of flowers means expectations of love; the little white book (LWB) goes on to say this card means desires, whims, hopes, breathlessness.  This is hardly sounding like a card of deception, but this is where your own connection to the deck comes in handy because it is up to you to figure out what messages this deck is giving you and how it is doing that; in this case it is pointing out the danger of being so focused on your hopes and desires you cannot see the truth or are deceiving yourself.

From a practical point of view, these cards are quite small and easy to shuffle, measuring approximately 2.5" x 4.75"; they are a standard length but a little narrower, meaning they fit in even the smallest of hands (i.e. mine) and are smooth to handle with a light gloss finish.  The edges aren't gilded.  They do come with a LWB which gives simple interpretations, but it is the incorporation of the language of flowers that I find most interesting and which gives a new meaning to the information.

This is not a deck for those who like to embrace the darker aspects of the occult, and as such it doesn't really fit in with the rest of my collection, but that is why I value it; it is the light that is sometimes needed to counteract the fear or pain, so while I may not use it regularly it will bring a different aspect to the spreads.

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