Monday, 21 April 2014


Merry meet one and all.

On my journey I have come across many wonderful people, particularly online.  These are people that I have never met yet I am drawn to them; their energy calls out to me.  One such person I met very early on in my social networking adventures was a lovely lady called Lyn Thurman.  There was something about her that just clicked with me, and in that slightly stalkerish way that is Twitter and Facebook I started chatting to her.

Last year I became one of her Inner Goddess Revolutionaries, then at the start of this year I joined her Soul Path Tribe and started working on deepening my spiritual connection.  I'm mentioning this because the task she set the Inner Goddess group this month really intrigued me.

The goddess of the month is Lilith, and her theme is authenticity. The story goes that she was Adam's first wife, made at the same time from the same earth, but she refused to be subservient to Adam and would not return to the Garden of Eden; as time went by she was depicted as a demon.  It is this refusal to bow to anybody and remain true to your nature that inspired the theme of authenticity, and Lyn asked all of us to take black and white photos of our authentic selves or things that illustrated our authenticity.

This really made me think.  We all have so many facets sometimes it is hard to see the real us.  I am wife, daughter, sister, aunt.  I'm a rock-chick, a book-worm, a cook.  I am a witch, a tarot reader, a writer and a radio host.  Let's not forget also that I am Witch Hazel and I am Susanne.  So what, when I get right down to it, is my authentic self?  As per the task I have shared some photographs with the group, but felt it was right that I shared them with you too.

First we have my tarot cards, which both led me to realising I am a witch and are how I make my living.  Next we have tea and a homemade treat; notice the giant "Nightmare Before Christmas" mug?  Yep, my favourite mug.  The next picture is my laptop showing by blog but also my webcam which I use for work.  After that I chose my bookshelf.  Most of my library is in storage back in the UK but these are my magickal books as well as a few of my tools.  Finally I included a picture of myself looking how I feel: distant, slightly apart from society, an outsider, different.  Only in my twenties did I realise the name for that was Witch.

So I ask all of you to consider what is your authentic self?  When you strip away the social niceties and expectations, what is at your core?  If you feel brave, share with me on my Facebook page so I may know you better.

With love and light,
Blessed be )0(


  1. Thank you for such lovely comments, Susanne. I love your photos and I'm so pleased you joined in the challenge (I've loved this one so much!!) x

    1. It was my pleasure Lyn. There's no way of not sounding a bit creepy here but I've always really felt a connection to you and your style, so thank you for all your encouragement and support - even when you didn't know you were doing it :)