Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Year, New Business?

Merry meet one and all!  The wheel of the year is turning, Yule is already behind us, and like many people I find myself wondering what the coming year will bring and how I can make the most of the opportunities that will come my way.

One of the changes I've made this year is to make the most of my spare time and try making some money.  Yes it sounds cold and capitalist, but I have a very expensive shoe habit!  One of the ways I supplemented my income when I still lived back in the UK was to do tarot readings.  More often than not I didn't work for cash, but I did have regulars who would offer to cut my hair, do my nails, or whatever skill they had; alternatively I was always happy to be paid in bottles of wine or cake!

Moving out to the United States (see this blog post for an explanation) I had no network of clients of course, and this being part of the "bible belt" I was wary of putting myself out there, so I started thinking about ways of doing tarot readings again which didn't risk my safety.  I did some research, and finally set up a shop on Etsy offering tarot readings.

I had lots of people showing an interest, but not many people actually ordering readings, so I bit the bullet and looked up tarot jobs on google.  I was already a basic member of the Tarot Guild and noticed they were looking for tarot readers who had access to a webcam to sign up to their online service to provide live tarot readings.  I made some enquiries and learnt they operated through Oranum, one of the biggest sites globally, so I signed up.  If you want to check me out you can find me at  I only do it part time, but the money is good and you have a global customer base who are actively looking for experts.  It's not perfect, but it works, the support is great and they pay promptly, and of course I can set my own hours and don't have to worry about commuting expenses. (If you've never tried the site but have been thinking about making some extra money using your skills, be they tarot, horoscope casting, palm reading, mediumship, numerology or whatever, click here to submit a registration as one of my associates).

I always had a dream of making money as a witch and tarot reader, and at last I'm seeing it is possible.  All this has got me thinking. I've been seriously considering setting up an online shop to consolidate all my interests and offers.  Not only will you be able to purchase tarot readings, for those of you who don't use Rainbow Psychics or Oranum, but I am also planning on offering spell kits, jewellery, and seasonal alter decorations.

My question is, is there a market for this?

This is where I need your help.  Would you genuinely be interested in purchasing such items?  Would you consider gift certificates so you can give friends and family members a tarot reading or a prosperity spell?  Would there be anything else that you would be looking for that you would like to see?  Please leave comments either at the end of this blog post, on Facebook or on Twitter, and please share this blog post around so I can get as much feedback as possible.  I can't wait to see what you all think, good or bad!

With love and light,
Blessed be )0(


  1. ~Oranum, but I am also planning on offering spell kits, jewellery, and seasonal alter decorations.
    My question is, is there a market for this?~

    Witch Hazel I believe that there is a market for this.

    I know that there is always a market for wire wrapped jewelry. You could check out your local new age shops to see if you can do your stuff on consignment.

    Have you thought of selling products that are passive selling? You spend the time making something like an e-kit that can be an instant download, making money for you that you don't have to put anymore effort into them.

    Hope this helps :)

    1. Thanks Lindsay, there's some good leads for me :)

  2. I am happy you are following your dreams! It is very hard to find a reliable online source that will pay your good and regular for tarot reading online. Kudos to you for finding yours.
    Of course there is a market! Etsy seems to be a high end place for those with a taste for Pagan/Wiccan items, i.e. spells and such.
    Many ways to make money from your talents....keep at it and good luck!

    1. Thanks. Yes I think maybe I need to focus on Etsy a bit more, now I'm clearer about what I want :)

  3. Yes, there is absolutely a market for that, Make your pieces uniquely yours and have patience while you're getting the word out. Follow your heart!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I agree I need to find my voice as it were :)