Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Adventures In Online Tarot Readings

Merry meet one and all and welcome to my blog.

Those of you who follow my FaceBook page or Twitter feed will probably be aware I have started reading tarot live for Rainbow Psychics, and as one of their readers I have a blog specifically for the tarot reading.  Not checked it out yet?  Just for you, here is my first post.

I have been reading the tarot cards for many years, almost twenty in fact.  I started reading for myself, started testing myself on friends and family, and they were so freaked out they started recommending me to their friends and that's how I started reading for paying clients.

When I was starting out and doing it more as a casual hobby, I would work for payment in kind.  I wasn't adversed to meeting you down the pub and doing a reading for you in exchange for a pint and a packet of crisps, or for readings in someone's home I worked for a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, or dinner if you were a good cook.  Sometimes though, I was happy to exchange my skills for yours; one of my regulars was a hairdresser - I didn't pay for a haircut for about 18 months until she moved away!

Then a little over a year ago my husband's job took us overseas and I found myself a housewife and relying on my husband for money, which was hard.  After a few months I decided to apply to the embassy for the right to work, but with only one car it was impossible to find a job within walking distance.

It's at times like these that we start to think a bit outside the box. What am I good at?  Well back home I worked in catering, running pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, but the only bar near me wasn't hiring.  Then I wondered about offering tarot readings.  Now first of all, this area is definitely classed as bible belt, and my nearest New Age shop is two towns away, so offering readings there was pretty much ruled out.  So I googled "online tarot reading jobs" and came up with links for Oranum.  Hmm, I thought, would it work?  It felt a bit impersonal, if I'm honest, so I kept looking.

It was at this point that I remembered I followed the Tarot Guild on Twitter, so thought they might be able to suggest something.  I clicked on the link and saw there was a podcast or something about signing up to be one of their live tarot readers.  I listened in, took some notes, and got al excited.  This felt more personal, could this be the way for me?  So I figured I'd think about it, and promptly got distracted by mundane life and forgot about it for a few weeks.

However the idea never really went away.  This was something I knew I could do, and they do say if you can turn your skills and hobbies into a way of making money you've got it made, so I put it to my husband, and he said it was worth a try.  So I filled in the application, went through the tech test and training session, and finally, with unexpected nerves, I went live on my first reading.

I've now been reading for a couple of weeks and I love it!  Yes it can be exhausting, but I have met so many lovely people and read for a surprising number of them, but as with face-to-face readings it's incredibly rewarding.  I found it really easy to connect with clients, and the feedback I have been receiving has really encouraged me to keep going.  I'm still learning to adapt my technique to this format, but the support from the community is fantastic and I know this is something I can continue doing not just when we move to the other side of the country but also when I move back home.  It's the perfect job really!  So watch this space for more updates on how I'm getting on :)

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