Monday, 9 September 2013

Review - Soul Path Magazine

Merry meet everyone.

Well summer is well and truly over; the kids are all back at school, the nights are tentatively drawing in, and it's at this time that I, like a lot of people, start looking inwards to see how I am getting on and what I will choose to work on over the winter months.  With this in mind, when I saw Lyn Thurman offer people the chance to review a copy of her "Soul Path" magazine I was intrigued.

I have been familiar with Lyn's work for a while; she was one of the first pagans I connected with on Twitter, and I sometimes share things she's posted on my Facebook page, so I am happy to say that the magazine managed to exceed my expectations.

It's very accessible, which I really appreciated.  Yes, I've been a witch for many many years, but sometimes when you read a pagan magazine it can make even me feel, well, not witchy enough. However what this magazine aims to do is to help us embrace our inner goddess, rather than just being about paganism.

Each month, the focus is on a different goddess; this month it was Freya.  There were articles explaining who she was and what she represents, and how we can embrace her as part of ourselves in day-to-day life.  Again, they were really well written and thoughtful pieces, with tips on how to incorporate her in your rituals, your alter, even your clothing.  Alters not your thing?  That's ok; there were also beauty tips, tarot spreads, and incense oils for you to try your hand at, all demonstrating Freya's loyalty to herself and others.

What I liked though, was all the other stuff that I found in the magazine.  There were articles about people's favourite sacred spaces, somebody else had written about their garden and their first full harvest and what it meant to them spiritually.  There were even recipes for you to try, perfect for Mabon celebrations, yet all tying in with the theme of the month.

I have to say I really liked this magazine.  It was informative without being preachy, accessible without treating you like an idiot.  All the writers were knowledgable, and you could feel their enthusiasm coming off the page.  All in all, I highly enjoyed reading this magazine and even if you're not of a pagan persuasion, you will still find the articles empowering as well as interesting.

"Soul Path" magazine is available to download for $5 monthly, or is free to members of Lyn's Soul Path Tribe.


  1. Thank you so much for reviewing the magazine and I am OVER THE MOON you loved it. <3

    1. Thank you for letting me review it - it's one of the best spiritual magazines I've read in a long time :)