Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Witch's Ode to the Elements

I lift my parched face to the sun;
His heat burns me, yet I'm the one
To crave his touch and feel his power
Pass into my soul at this noontime hour.
I retreat at last, his love too strong
For me to endure for very long.
But as I go I feel a breeze,
Soft as a lover's caressing tease,
Promising to soothe my burning skin,
Yet I still turn my back on him.
As I close the door and walk away
A hint of thunder comes my way.
I pause; did I really hear that right?
The heat from Lord Sun still burns bright!
But I turn and step into the yard,
And stand upon the lawn baked hard.
A moments pause, then a drop so cool
Falls on my skin; I grin like a fool.
I lift my parched face to the rain
And know that I am whole again


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