Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rescuing A Spirit.

Merry meet!

If you follow my blog regularly you'll probably know I've started working with a lady I met out here to improve my skills.  Although she is not a witch, her techniques at working with spirits were the same as I used for energy work, so we started meeting up to practice spinning energies, blending our energies together, reading each others chakras, that sort of thing.

We met up this week as normal, but this time we didn't have anything planned for our session.  This happens sometimes, but we always allow ourselves to be guided by the energies around us and end up having a successful circle.  I suggested we see if we can connect with the Earth Energy under our feet because if we could, we could ask for the blessing of the land Devas and they might then empower our work.  This is something I've done several times before, as I have a real need to feel connected to the land upon which I live.

My colleague was intrigued, so we set our intentions, spun our circle of energy, then reached out to the Earth Spirits.  The energy was incredible, it truly was an honour to be connected in such a way, and it charged the room with an almighty power, so afterwards we strengthened our personal circle of power and extended our hands outside the barrier to ask if there were any gifts or messages.  Straight away I was given a book in one hand and a feather in the other, so I gave thanks and relayed that to my friend. She suggested asking if anyone had a message for us, and that was where it got strange.

Now I have always known that I was a bit odd, if I can put it that way.  I remember as a child, my mum telling me that if I had a bad dream I could change it, rewind it and try again, do whatever I wanted, so next time I had a nightmare I did just that.  Then I learnt that wasn't "normal" and not everybody could do it.  I told myself ghosts weren't real and I just had an overactive imagination, but it didn't stop me being terrified of the man that glared at me in my bedroom, or hid in the doorway of my parents' bedroom.  In my teens I had precognitive dreams; never anything useful unfortunately, but somehow ordinary conversations are a lot more scary when you know who is going to say what next.

As I got older, mum started telling me about things that had happened to her, like the night she dreamed of her grandmother in what turned out to be a hospital morgue, minutes before the police turned up to tell her father his mother had died.  The story that had the most impact on me was when she was a child, she visited her great grandmother and a glass flew off the glass-topped coffee table into the hearth; it was only years later she realised the glass had been on a ouija board.

I have always known that I come from a long line of psychics, but it was never really talked about.  Both my maternal grandparents passed on this gift though, which is why I have always been able to get good results from my tarot and spell work I guess.  However actually having a spirit contact me took me by surprise.

First of all, when I asked if anyone had a message for me, I saw an old gentleman.  He was all smiles, and pleased to see me.  I dutifully relayed this to my friend, who prompted me to ask his name.  Clear as day I heard him say "Wilf...red", exactly like that, as if to say his friends called him Wilf but as he'd just met me he ought to be more formal.  The name meant nothing to me nor my friend, so again I was told to ask more questions.  What was his surname?  He showed me an image of a forge, so I knew his name was Wilfred Smith.  Where was he from?  He just spread his arms as if to convey he was from around here.  I also knew he grew up in the 1940s, though was born at the end of the 30s.  He was really pleased to see me, he'd had nobody to talk to for ages and was quite lonely.  This was when my friend said that her guides wanted us to show him the light because he'd been lost and alone for so long; we poured our energy into a beam of light we'd built between us, and he was shown the way and left.

The question I kept asking myself was did I make it all up?  I don't think so.  In the same way that I can meet a stranger, read their tarot and know so much about them and their situation, I knew this man, this Wilf.  I have no idea if I will be asked to do something like that again, but it is interesting to me that I managed to do it at all.

Blessed be )0(

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