Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Merry meet one and all.

Blessed Beltane is upon us, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my plans.  Back in the UK there is a bank holiday to celebrate May Day, so the three-day weekend was usually a good time to get friends up for a party.  The fact they aren't pagan doesn't matter in the slightest; to me it's important to share the day with those you care about.

Now I live in America my focus is solely on the ritual, which I always performed but it has taken on a deeper meaning now I can no longer see the hawthorn bloom, or see the crops start to grow in the fields.  So today I have cleaned my home, my covenstead, like I always do, and although my husband is working tonight I have cooked a roast dinner and sent him off with a portion to heat up later on.  For dessert I baked some flapjacks using my gran's old recipe; the oats are a symbol of fertility and a good close for my modest "feast" later.  The dog has been a good boy so I may share a little of my pork or gravy with him to add to his dinner, then I shall clear everything away and prepare for the night.

First I will set up my alter, decorated with some of the wild flowers growing in the sandy grass around my home, and then the real fun begins.  I will invite the Elements in to join me, as well as the Lord and Lady, then I will spin my energy into a protective circle.  Once I am confident it is strong enough I will ask for the blessings of the Elements and perform a simple version of the Great Rite, channeling the Lord and Lady's energies through myself and my chalice and wand, and in so doing I will be bringing fertility into our lives and the land around me.  I would normally do some divination, but Beltane is a tricky time to try something like that; the veils between the worlds are indeed thinner, but the frisky energy of spring can make the spirits playful and that often means you won't get quite what you thought you were asking for.  As an example, when asking for fertility I will be very very clear that I want it for the land - the last thing I want is to get pregnant!

With that done I will give thanks to the Lord and Lady and the Elements and take down my circle, then I shall take the consecrated water from my chalice, pour it as a libation upon the ground of my garden, and take a drink and some flapjack upstairs and have a bath, then go to bed.  If my husband were with me tonight I would have spun the energy around the bed for protection and after invoking the Elements and the Lord and Lady we would have performed a rather more literal version of the Great Rite, the energies produced by our mutual love for one another going to heal the land and make her fertile, but this year at least the purely symbolic version shall do perfectly well, even if it isn't quite as much fun!

Blessed be )0(

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