Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Year, New path

Merry meet, and what a start to 2013 it has been!  Britain is in the middle of a major cold spell with snow falling in almost every area, while here in my part of Florida it's been largely grey and gloomy with hours of rainfall some days.  Having said that, the sun is shining right now so there's hope for the weekend.

This year has started rather well in terms of my spiritual path.  I have been a witch for over a decade, and have always been a Solitary.  I have learnt at my own pace, and between books and my intuition I have found my place in the universe and used my powers to the best of my ability.

However I was starting to feel I needed to up my game.  I meditate, I've done some chakra work, my visualisation was quite clear, but the pathworking I'd tried didn't quite feel right.  Was I not as good as I thought?  Worse, was I making it all up and I was no better than those teenage girls who think too much eye make up and a pack of tarot cards makes you a witch?  So I backed off from the pathworking  and concentrated on what I was good at.  I tried to make every trip outside a spiritual thing, trying to be in the moment with the elements - yes, even running to the end of the street with the bin in the rain - and as I walked my dog I delighted in the signs around me that the wheel of the year was turning.  I honoured the Moon in all her glory, and the Sun, and I tried to make my life as magickal as possible in lots of little ways.  Yet still I knew I needed to make the leap and take the next step.  The trouble was, I didn't know how to do that.  I sensed I needed to connect with higher energies than my own, but I didn't know anybody I could turn to to help.  Sure, there are mediums and psychics aplenty on the internet, but I needed someone I could trust and picking a stranger off a website just didn't seem right.  So I asked the Spirits for help; if it was meant to be, I would trust them to put the right person in my path at the right time, and it was up to me to recognise that person and grab the opportunity.

Anyway, mundane life got in the way at that point.  I was trying - and failing - to get a business off the ground, then we got news that we would be sent to the USA for my husband's job, and quite frankly I was in no position to develop my spirituality for the best part of a year; to be honest when we first moved out here it was a struggle just keeping my head above water and not drowning in the upheaval and uncertainty.

Then I met someone, a lady who lived out here and at first glance seemed quite nice, and we would have a chat if we bumped into each other.  I wore a pentacle necklace; we got talking about spiritual matters, and she revealed that she was spiritual, and had worked with Spirits before.  She doesn't go around advertising the fact - some people really misunderstand anything outside of the norm, particularly in such a Christian area as this - so I immediately appreciated her trusting me, but it turned out she had been feeling a little lost on her path as well, and after comparing notes on methodology it seemed that we were basically using the same techniques to achieve our goals.  So we decided to try working together.

We've met a couple of times now, and the results have blown me away.  Firstly, I can confirm that I'm not just some girl pretending to be a witch, we can sense each others energy and I am in fact doing what I though I was doing, though I need to refine my technique a little.  All those years working alone means I sometimes let my energy get a little big for its boots; I'm like a puppy - full of enthusiasm but I need to learn manners and be able to play nicely with everyone else!  Secondly, through guided meditation I am learning to connect with the spirit world and actually felt someone hold my hand during the last session.  While I am descended from a line of people with a touch of The Gift, including a medium, I know I do not have that particular gift; but being able to connect with the spirits and gain higher understanding can only enhance my spellwork and all aspects of the Craft.  By learning to better control my energy, my magickal intent will be clearer and I will be able to grow and develop my abilities.  It's the start of a long journey, but already it is satisfying to know that not only am I advancing to the next level, I am helping another person reconnect with their particular path and I look forward to seeing how we both develop over the coming months.

Blessed be )0(

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