Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Making A House A Home

Merry meet one and all, I hope this autumn finds you well and happy!

I have been living in Florida for a few weeks now, and I feel like I am finally learning to get to grips with the energy around here.  So with this in mind I have been finding peace with the energy of the land I am living on, and transforming the building I live in from a house to our home and my covenstead.

Why do I call it my covenstead?  Well simply because this is where I do the majority of my magickal working; everything gets done within the four walls of my home.  I cleanse the air while I do the housework; I stir love and protection into the meals I cook, and I raise energy while reinforcing the deep love I have for my husband within the sanctuary of the bedroom.  Every part of this house gets touched by the spellwork and energy and it seeps into the walls, filling my home with love.

This is why it is important to me that, when someone enters the sanctuary of my home, they get a sense of who we are from the start, even though it may be through subtle signs.  You may not follow the same path as me, but these are all basic things that everyone can do to make sure their home is calm and feels safe, warm and welcoming.  So, it is a work in progress but welcome to my home!

Firstly, you approach the front of the house and I'm hoping the grass is neat and the neighbours haven't flicked cigarette butts on the drive.  We've managed to put up a hanging basket of flowers by the path, and come the spring I want to put a big tub of lavender on that warm, sunny spot under the front window to fill the air with the relaxing scent and hopefully attract some bees and butterflies.

Most people will never get further than that; a clean, tidy frontage that is secure. However should you be invited to cross the threshold you will hear the tinkling of the black cat wind chimes my colleagues gave me as a leaving present, and see, just tucked behind the door, my besom.

Come on through to the living area, and you will see more little signs of who lives here.  Oh sure, we have all the normal items; a television, a sofa, a bookcase.  Most of our books are in storage back in the UK, but we brought some of our favourites with us, including my husband's books on martial arts and most of my witchy collection.

Look around and there are little clues as to who we are.  The most obvious are all the photographs on the wall.  We have our wedding pictures, some studio photos we had done, and a gallery of our nearest and dearest; there's artwork on the walls that reflects my husband's job, and a huge print from the film "The Dark Knight". OK so you spotted those, but what about the rest?

Maybe you can smell baking in the air, a good old piece of kitchen witchery?  If not, I've probably got some scented candles lit, or some incense.  Look out to the garden and you will see the Green Man gazing from the window, but look back towards the breakfast bar and you will see a Sun and Moon carving peeking out from behind the herbs.

There are candles everywhere, including a salt lamp tea light holder that ionises the air to promote health and wellbeing, and down on the shelf you'll see my cauldron and the boxes and bags that contain my tools of divination.  Yet this isn't just a witch's house; this is our family home and therefore it reflects both of our interests.  So as you look back out to the garden you'll notice my husband's bamboo in a pot on the table, and on the sideboard is his shrine with his bonsai on it.

A home, and in particular a marital home, isn't defined by the four walls that surround it.  It doesn't matter how many bedrooms you have, as long you have enough for your needs, nor does it matter how many square feet it covers.  What is important is that it is a place where everyone that calls it home can feel safe; that it is a place where each person can express themselves without fear of judgement.  I'm not saying there will never be raised voices, or differences of opinion, but by creating a safe and loving home you also create an environment where things can be discussed, differences can be resolved and a greater understanding of one another can be achieved.

Blessed be )0(


  1. Some beautiful statements about creating a home. I also live in Florida, in that Tampa area. What part of the state do you live in?

    1. Thank you. I'm in the panhandle; I can't wait to explore more of the state, it's so varied.

  2. you write so beautifully about the magick of your home, I can just see your house and all the beautiful details. I recently moved from a house to an apt. and have also found that a home is more than just a space to live in.

    1. Definitely! I've moved more since I've been with my husband than I did before I met him, but I learnt that it's the "things" that make a house a home - not in a materialistic way, but having those little personal touches that enhance your life. I'm glad you enjoy my blog, thank you for the compliments :)