Monday, 24 September 2012

Dreaming Of Stars

Hello and merry meet folks!

After months of dreaming and planning, we're finally here in the USA!  So far things have been busy, trying to cram in as much sightseeing as we can in just a couple of days.  We've seen the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, checked out the FBI building, and visited both the Natural History museum and the Air and Space museum, which was mind-blowing.

I guess it's part of being a child of the Star Wars era, but I've always been fascinated by the stars.  As a child I was quite introverted and like a lot of kids was a victim of bullying and found it hard at times to adapt to the challenges life threw at me.  I used to have a pet rabbit, and one way of coping as a child was to look at the stars while waiting for my bunny to eat his supper.  They were so far away, so old and so big, that I realised my part in the universe was so small, so minuscule, that my problems weren't that important really. No matter what I was going through, I realised teens had gone through the same for thousands of years and the important thing to remember was that they had all come out the other side better equipped to deal with more adult issues.  I just had to keep my head down and hang on in there, and I would find the strength to grow and develop more depth of character.

The museum had a display of photos taken by the Hubble telescope, and they were so beautiful my mind couldn't even imagine some of those images; check out the website to see what I mean.  As a witch, it helps me to feel a part of something so much bigger than my brain can comprehend.  I know that, while I am such a tiny part of a much bigger existence, I can play an important role in shaping and improving this tiny part. The stars will still sparkle in the sky long after we are gone, the moon will still wax and wane, so if our time on this planet is going to mean anything we need to think of the bigger picture.  We need to protect our resources; the air we breathe, the water and food that sustain us.  We can't fritter these things away, we must remember these are not ours to waste.  If our descendants are to have a quality of life, we can't pollute our seas the way we do; we can't fill our fields with pesticides that damage both us and the ecology. Humans are not the most important thing on this planet, despite the fact we're the only ones that have a voice to argue that we are.  Over the next few weeks I will be setting up home here in the USA, and I intend to try to sway our purchase choices towards ones that use the least energy, or come from sustainable sources.  I think the biggest challenge will be a car; ideally we would get a hybrid or one that has the best fuel economy, but realistically it needs to be big enough to take not just all our luggage, but the crate our rather large dog will arrive in, which means an SUV or something similar.  Not ideal, but not as bad as it could be judging by the fuel economy of some of the cars we've seen for sale over here.  I'll keep you posted as we navigate our way through these purchases - it will be fun but challenging.

Blessed be! )0(

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  1. So you're in D.C.? Or at least on the east coast? Lucky! I'm from Massachusetts and really miss the east coast.

    When we return to the U.S. from England next year, we're moving to my husband's hometown in Nebraska. I've tried to convince him that New England (mostly Massachusetts and New Hampshire) are far better choices, though. ;)

    Have fun getting settled and learning your way around the area. D.C. is known for its attractions!

    Yes, I'm very conscientious about the environment too. Not a fan of SUVs, for so many reasons, but I'm sure you can find an economical large vehicle with a bit of research (maybe Consumer Reports?). Good luck!