Sunday, 3 June 2012

Reducing My Carbon Footprint

Merry meet one and all!

As I have mentioned before, I have been quite passionate about environmental issues ever since I was a child, and as my involvement in The Craft has increased, so I have tried to live my life in a way that damages our planet as little as possible.  I am not a saint, don't get me wrong, but I have tried to do what I can.

A while back, I was invited to calculate my carbon footprint, and I wasn't really surprised to find that I was basically living a lifestyle that needed 2.36 planet Earths to sustain it.  I blogged about it at the time, and promised I'd try to reduce it and keep you posted, and that's exactly what I've done.  I went back to and looked at their list of things I can do.  Since my first calculation, we have moved to a much more modern house and therefore it has much better insulation, improved water-saving capabilities and that wonderful luxury of modern double-glazing that allows the windows to actually fit the window frames, and doors that don't have a huge gap that you can actually see daylight through!  This has meant that the house remains a fairly constant temperature, so we can keep it that little bit cooler without fear of freezing as the outside temperature drops.

The village we lived in before had no shops apart from a post office and a badly stocked and over priced Spar, which meant if we actually wanted to buy anything we had to drive to the next town, but the village we live in now has a thriving High Street with two butchers (local ones that list which farms have supplied the produce), a farm shop that sells organic vegetables and locally-produced bread, as well as other goodies like cakes, chocolates and eggs - chicken, duck and quail often - and a host of other shops and restaurants, all of them independent.  The only supermarket is a Co-Op so it stocks local produce where it can, and places a huge emphasis on fair-trade and organic produce, so it ticks a lot of my boxes even if it does cost a little bit more.  The best bit is, I can walk to the shops in about half an hour, so I can take my reusable shopping bags and get some exercise while supporting local businesses and farmers and reducing my carbon footprint by not using the car and reducing the air miles of the food I eat.

The result of these small yet simple changes?  Have a look for yourself, just on the left hand side of the blog.  Do you see it?  Yep, I've gone from 2.36 planets to 1.96.  Ok, still not within what it needs to be, but better than it was and proof that with little changes to our life we can make huge changes to our planet.

Blessed be )0(


  1. That's pretty impressive. I may have to check mine and figure out more ways to improve it :) I have a feeling that mine will be relatively high at the moment what with Jacob's school being in another district (in Sept he starts at the school within a 5 min walk from my house, so already that will be heaps better) Also, living in a big city I find I often have to drive to get anywhere worth getting to, doesn't help that my bf lives in the next town along! Although I have found that I can walk to my local Sainsburys within half an hour and the kids seem to enjoy it to with not much complaint as there is a park along the way we stop off at :) Well done, for being able to reduce yours as much as you have done tho!! xxx

  2. Thanks hon, it's actually really tricky to do the big things, so all the little things will just have to add up! Well done us for even being aware of the issue. Let me know what your result is, I'm interested to know :)

  3. Forgot to get back to you with my Carbon Footprint. Mine comes up as 2.73 planets!! Scary stuff!! I'm hoping once Jake goes to his new school in Sept it will reduce a fair bit as I won't be using the car much, if at all during the week. Must look at other ways of bringing it down tho I think, coz that's quite high xxx