Thursday, 5 January 2012


I am the first to admit it, I don't much like my body.  I'm fairly short and curvy, and I tend to carry my weight around my middle.  I love food, hate most forms of exercise and therefore I accept I will never be a size zero.  Thank goodness!

Mother Nature knew a thing or two when she designed women.  From a purely biological perspective, for example, we are basically here to provide our species with the next generation.  This is why we have breasts, and as this all takes rather a lot of energy, it is partly why we have a tendency to store fat, along with the fact our ancestors sometimes didn't know where the next meal was coming from.

Over the generations, attitudes change.  One of the reasons Victorian society was so prudish was as a direct result of the perceived lack of morals in Georgian society.  It seems all the sins were celebrated, and society finally snapped back and gave our nation a very strict set of moral guidelines on how to behave and dress.  Over a century after Queen Victoria died, we are still all judged by that society's values.  Which brings me back to nakedness.

As a witch I understand that the Divine lives within me, I am the embodiment of the Goddess and should accept and love my body as such a vessel.  Yet sometimes I struggle.  I have grown up in a society that tells women they must be young, pretty, tall and slim, and that is something I will never live up to.  Yet through my journey as a witch, and because I know my husband loves me for being me, I am slowly learning to accept myself.  I am losing weight to be healthier, not more attractive, and I have taken up a dance class to tone myself up and exercise in a fun way.  The big difference is I am no longer afraid to walk around my own house naked.  Who's going to see me who would be shocked?  My husband has seen it all before of course, and the pets really don't care!  Obviously if we have guests staying then I make sure I am suitably covered up because that is appropriate in company, and I'm happy to do some ritual work skyclad, though as we live in close proximity to other people I won't be venturing into the garden without clothes any time soon, but I'm getting there.

The one thing I'm learning is that the key is to accept yourself, because if you can't do that naked, the chances are you can't really do it clothed either. That goes for you men too!

Blessed be


  1. Congrats, I would LOVE to be able to walk around naked without thinking about all my chubby bits being on show! Guess I should start doing something about it now , in readiness for our great UK Summer?!
    Thank you SO much for the inspiration.


  2. I have long way to get there. I mean to like me naked