Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's summertime!

Merry meet folks, I hope everyone's having a great summer so far (Northern hemisphere dwellers anyway).

How did you spend Litha?  I was at my parent's house in Devon at the time, and was pleased to share the experience with them.  We got up nice and early, and had a lovely walk down to a little bay just around from Paignton harbour that the locals call Fairy Cove - the perfect location!  The tide was out, there was a quiet calm over everything, and as we watched the sun rise over the headland there wasn't another soul about.  It was wonderful and quietly spiritual.

Now some of you may be reading this and questioning the lack of any sort of formal ritual.  It's all about appropriateness.  I was on a public beach at five in the morning with my non-Pagan parents.  I could have done some showy ritual that would have said "ooh, look how witchy I am", but instead I stood before my Sun God as he rose before me and gave thanks for the life he gives to our world.  I asked that he gave me the strength I needed, and thanked him for sharing his warmth and power.

I know that my dad spent the time watching the waves tickle the beach, the clouds flow over the sky, and the ducks (yes ducks, not seagulls) swimming around the rocks.  My mum spent the time in quiet contemplation, though whether her thoughts were of a Pagan or Christian nature I didn't ask because that was between her and the deity of her choice.

The important thing was that we all made the effort to honour the occasion, and we did it together.

Blessed be )0(

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