Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Tools of the Trade

A work colleague once asked me if I really was a witch.  When I confirmed it, he looked sheepish and asked if I had a crystal ball and flew around on a broomstick - no offence!  Ah, how I chuckled :/

Anyway, the long and short of it is many people are curious about the traditional symbols of The Craft, even other witches; who doesn't like to see other people's stuff?  With this is mind, I've decided to show off my favourite tools.  As you may have read in a previous post, this collection has grown over the years, and certainly isn't complete, but they're mine and I love working with them.

The first witchy item I got was a set of tarot cards; this set was bought later by my mum and I love working with them - they seem to almost purr in my hands :)

Next we have my crystal ball.  Now I know I struggle with this one, and get better results from liquids, but I love it and could never part with it.  Again, my parents bought it for me.

For kitchen magick I often use a large casserole pan, but for other spells and rituals I use this cauldron that my husband got me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

Next up we have my besom.  Bought from a local garden centre it works very well in both the magickal and mundane realms.  As you can see, it's rather tall and in fact I look like a child when I'm using it - Cinderella eat your heart out! :)

In this picture you can see my chalice which my mum and I were both drawn to.  It came from the gift shop at the Roman Baths in Bath and practically shouted at us both as we entered the room.  You can also see a selection of my essential oils and the little bell that used to belong to my beloved Gran and which has the prettiest ring to it.

Finally we have a sample of the candles and incense that practically litter our lounge, so it's just as well I have an understanding husband.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I use as much as I've loved showing them off.

Blessed be )0(


  1. Thats a nice setup you have there. I have some lovely tarot cards but havent gotten around to using them yest.
    Thank you for adding me to your blogroll by the way (Just Faerie Tales) its so kind of you


  2. It's a pleasure Gill, I've only just discovered you and I love your blog already. It's definitely worth sharing :)