Friday, 4 February 2011

Imbolc and New Beginnings

There's something about this time of year that gives me butterflies.  Each time we start a new calendar year I cant help but get excited about the prospect of spring.  As a child, our Sunday afternoon walks through the local woods were all about looking for those first buds of life on the branches, or tiny flowers pushing through the leaf litter along the banks of the stream.  As a pagan, this search still goes on of course, but now I celebrate Imbolc and give thanks for the new life around me.

This is actually one of those Sabbats that, if I'm honest, I'm never sure if I'm celebrating properly.  It feels as if I'm not really doing anything new, I suppose.  As the first warmer breezes blow around me, I've always opened the windows a bit to let the fresh air in; as the Sun shines through the windows it reminds me to start my spring cleaning, effectively allowing me to cleanse the area and release any stagnant energy; and as the first flowers start to appear, I've always brought a bunch of blooms in to brighten up the room.  This year, Imbolc has coincided with us moving house, so a certain amount of cleansing has already gone on.  In fact, I'm feeling a bit on edge with all the energy this house is generating, so I probably need to ground it a bit.  The difference with my spring rituals these days, I guess, is that I'm consciously giving thanks and celebrating the season.  Maybe that is all that matters.

Blessed be )0(

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