Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Being Green Part 2 - Gardening

I come from quite a long line of gardeners, though their greenfingers seem to have passed me by. A consequence of this, however, is that I have certain expectations of what my outdoor areas should look like. Now, my dream garden would be about an acre with a small orchard, a vegetable patch, and of course a well-stocked herb garden. The reality is that with my husband being in the forces we effectively rent our house, and any work we do has to be undone when we move out. There's still much I can do though.

My main priority is that my garden is a nice place to be. It also has to be practical, and suit my needs. If you follow me on "Twitter" you will know I have just moved house, and the garden is awful! A shady patio and a very poor quality lawn is all I have to work with. We brought some plants with us from the old house, and these are currently in pots. We have bamboo, actually my husband's, which represents strength while providing a calming noise as the wind rustles it's branches; holly bushes symbolically provide protection, while honeysuckle, buddleia, jasmine and lavender provide not just beautiful scented blooms but encourage wildlife into the garden. I also have a childhood favourite, winter jasmine, which has gorgeous yellow flowers ready for Imbolc and is always a welcome arrival after a long cold winter.

As the weather warms up and I'm able to work on our garden, there are a few projects I'd like to work on. I've put up our super deluxe bird feeder, and hopefully the birds will start using it soon, but I'd like to attract more wildlife. I'd like more berry-bearing shrubs so the hedgerow birds can help themselves, and as I plant up my flower borders I will choose plants that will attract butterflies and bumblebees. As the garden takes shape, I'll report back to you all :)

Blessed be )0(

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  1. My neighbor has honeysuckle that creeps over our fence every spring. He always offers to cut it back but knows I'll decline because it's beautiful to look at and smell. And he doesn't mind that I pick some for myself.