Thursday, 4 November 2010

Silence Amid The Storm

I love this time of year!  After the excitement and anticipation of Samhain, it's nice to reflect on what the following months may bring, and what lessons you have learnt in the previous twelve months.  I often find that as the nights draw in, I am drawn closer into the realms of studying new interests, trying things out, and putting down roots.

This year may be slightly different, as we will be expected to move sometime between Yule and Imbolc, so my nesting tendencies will be thrown into confusion as I adapt to a new home.  However, I am looking forward to a new area with new folklore to learn about, and if all goes to plan we'll be living in another historic area, though that's hard to avoid when you live in England!

Samhain found myself and my family in a state of chaos, with ill health and stress all around.  I firmly believe though, that The Powers That Be know what they are doing and in any given piece of unexpected news there is the opportunity to grow and develop.  Every time a piece of bad news or disaster comes along, it always seems to work out for the best.  I get dumped - I find the Craft; I can't afford the mortgage - I relocate to Devon with my family; the aircraft my husband works on gets axed by the government - well, we'll have to see if the plan comes together on that one!

From a spiritual point of view, I often find it easier to work with tools such as my crystal ball once the nights have drawn in.  With the candles lit anyway from the moment I get in from work, it's easy to take one aside and find a quiet place to work in.  I must admit, I struggle with the crystal ball.  I don't know what it is about it but I can't get good results.  I have had results practicing with a mug of tea - honest! - but the ball just sits there, ignoring me.  I joke that the batteries must be dead, but I guess different tools work with different people.  I've always had really good results with tarot cards; maybe the crystal ball will come to me when the time is right.

Until then, I'll listen to the wind howling outside, light my candles and give thanks for the beauty of the world around me, and look forward to exploring new scenery.

Blessed be.

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