Monday, 21 September 2015

Tarot Card of the Week

Merry meet one and all.

I cannot believe Mabon is upon us already!  Technically the equinox falls on the 23rd this year, but I know many people will celebrate either on the 21st or 22nd as well; however you celebrate I wish you the brightest of blessings.

The Devil - Tyldwick tarot
Down to business though, and this week we are faced with The Devil from the Tyldwick tarot.  This is my favourite card of the deck simply because it is so clever.  We are not looking upon some horned satanic monster that keeps us chained; instead we are challenged to look into the mirror and see our daemons reflected back at us.  Are you brave enough to look yourself in the eyes? This week we must, in preparation of what is to come as much as what has held us in chains.

This is a deep and complicated card that often strikes fear into the heart when it appears in a reading, but like all of its brethren it has a positive side as well as a negative side if you choose to acknowledge your particular daemon and work to overcome it.

Although most books give keywords such as "bondage" and "materialism", I prefer to think of this card being the embodiment of addiction.  I'm not necessarily talking about alcoholism or substance abuse, though those things certainly come up in readings.  For many of us it is the more socially acceptable face of addiction we must tackle: procrastination, self-sabotage, pity-parties and fear all hold us in the past and become addictive behaviours if left untackled.  Want to lose weight?  Put down the cake. Want to stop hurting?  Stop Facebook stalking your ex.  Never see your kids?  Leave work on time.  I know that I seem brutal, but the Devil is going to expect us to face these issues so we might as well do it on our terms, because if we wait until he forces us it will be a lot more painful, believe me.

Like all of you, I am going to go off and have a really good think about the way this card is challenging me and what I can do about it, so I'll leave you with the video and your thoughts.  Don't forget there is no radio show this Tuesday, but as always I am available for tarot readings at any time so feel free to book a session if you need help facing The Devil.

Blessed be )0(