Monday, 14 September 2015

Tarot Card of the Week

Merry meet everyone!

Crikey the weekend was bombarded with some incredible energy wasn't it? Between the New Moon and the changing energy caused by the partial solar eclipse it was no wonder I just wanted to curl up with my book and take it easy; a timely reminder to us all to trust our bodies and listen to them.

Anyway, on with this week's tarot card of the week, and we have Fortitude. This is a bit of an old fashioned card in many ways.  Many decks use Strength and number it 8 in the major arcana, but the traditional decks used fortitude and numbered it 11.  Neither is more right or wrong, but I love the differences you get from all the different decks.

Fortitude from the Tyldwick tarot
The real difference comes from the subtle change in meaning.  The Oxford English Dictionary describes strength as "The quality or condition of being strong; power or action in body or limbs; power in general, whether physical, mental or due to the possession of resources; capacity for moral effort or endurance; power to resist temptation or fulfil a difficult duty." Fortitude, on the other hand, is described as "Physical or structural strength; moral strength or courage; unyielding courage in the endurance of pain or adversity."  The differences may be subtle, but they are incredibly powerful.

Now we understand the true meaning of the word, what does this card mean for our week?  I explain everything in the video of course so I shall leave it here and look forward to your comments.

If that really doesn't make sense to you or you want some guidance from the tarot or help figuring out your options then feel free to book a tarot reading with me using the tabs at the top of the page and I would be honoured to help.  Don't forget to join me on Tuesday's for Angelic Realms Radio; this week we are discussing angel numbers and taking your calls so stop by and have a listen.

Until next time everyone,

Blessed be )0(