Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tarot Card of the Week

Merry meet one and all and welcome to our tarot card of the week, our general guide for the week ahead.

This week we have the usually very materialistic four of coins, but I'm using the beautiful Tyldwick tarot and as you will see the image is not the usual selfish king on his throne which demonstrates that every deck is unique and has a very special take on any given situation.

This week we need to stop trying to control everything and be in charge.  We need to remember that change is essential for growth, and just because you want to keep things as they are it doesn't mean you can or you should.

Think about what is really going on in your life.  What elements of the past are you holding on to like a drowning sailor?  Think about what you have that could benefit others - sharing won't kill us!  Perhaps most importantly stop fighting against the tide and give up the things that are holding you back because only then can we move forward.

As always there is a video interpretation as well, so have a quick look - it's only a couple of minutes long - and let me know in what ways this resonates with you.  What things must you relinquish?  How is your past preventing your future from manifesting the way it should?  If you are struggling with this card, and it is a tough one to face, then why not book a proper tarot reading with me and we can look at exactly what is holding you back and how you can free yourself and start living again.  All information is at the top of the page, just click on the "purchase" tab.

Until next time everybody,

Blessed be )0(