Monday, 3 August 2015

Tarot Card of the Week

Merry meet everyone, and as it is Monday I have drawn a tarot card for this week, and as a Leo I am not surprised to see the Queen of Staves.

Queen of Staves from the Tyldwick tarot

This is the time to pamper yourself.  Male or female, have you treated yourself recently?  My guess is you probably haven't, because things have been tough for many of us and we have had to put other things above luxuries, but this is the week to celebrate just how awesome you are.

The message really is do whatever makes you feel amazing.  If you want to go out in killer heels or a sharp suit, make sure you do that and even if nobody else is doing that your confidence will shine through.  It's that Leo energy shining through; confident, generous, dignified and sensual.  Of course the flip side is hurting others in pursuit of your desires, so we don't want to go that far, but this is the week we can all put our best foot forward.

If you're not sure how to go about this and make it work for you and your destiny, go ahead and book a private reading with me; this is the week to put your needs first for the benefit not just of yourself but those around you as well.  Feel free to drop me a message an Facebook or go straight to the links at the top of the page to book.

Until next week everyone,

Blessed be )0(