Monday, 22 June 2015

Tarot Card of the Week - 22/06/15

Merry meet one and all and a blessed Litha to all who celebrated it yesterday.  Here at chez Witch Hazel we had a bit of a fest in the garden as the sun set on the shortest night, and Litha itself was a beautiful sunny day. I hope wherever you were and however you celebrated you had a fantastic time, and of course to all of you in the southern hemisphere I hope you had an equally wonderful yule.

Now, on to the tarot card of the week and this week I wasn't surprised to see the Green Man from the Wildwood tarot make an appearance.

The Green Man from the Wildwood Tarot

The Green Man is one of those pagan characters who survived the Christian cull of the old gods.  He can be found in many old churches and cathedrals throughout Europe, sometimes as a gargoyle but often as a grotesque or ceiling boss.  For good examples you should check out the vestibule of York Minster, Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire and the tomb of St Abre in Poitiers, France to name but a few.

Anyway, enough about the Green Man himself and on to our message for the week.  As you would expect he is all about fertility, of crops growing and passion for our ideas, but also remember he is a god of the woods so try to get out in nature and recharge your batteries because I feel we are all flagging a bit.

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I look forward to working with you, and let me know how you are putting our card of the week to good use.  Don't forget as well that this week on Angelic Realms Radio we are discussing how to contact angels so find out more at and join us on Tuesday 23rd June at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern and 9pm BST.

Blessed be )0(