Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tarot Card of the Week for 27/04/15

Merry meet one and all and as it's Monday it must be time for another tarot card of the week.

Nine of Coins from the Tyldwick Tarot
If you've been following these posts you too will notice an arc forming.  We started the month with the Hawk Prince telling us to pay attention to the Divine for a message, then last week we had the six of wands rewarding us for our efforts with a "lightbulb" moment or even a sense of rebirth and rejuvenation.  This week we are commended on our wealth, whatever form that wealth and reward has taken, but should we hoard it or share it around?

Whatever you decide to do, as we move through Beltane and into May it will be interesting to see where our actions take us.

Until next week everyone,

Blessed be )0(