Monday, 15 December 2014

Tarot Cards for the Week of 15th December 2014

Merry meet one and all, and welcome to my weekly tarot reading.

I can't believe the end of the week brings us to Yule, this year has flown by so fast!  As the year comes to an end from a calendar point of view - of course from my witchy perspective the year already restarted at Samhain and now we are awaiting the rebirth of the Sun god himself - our minds naturally are drawn to the future and what will be coming up for us.  Indeed, this has been the number one topic for my clients in the past week.

With that in mind I wanted to see what lessons this week held, but I was torn between two decks, so rather unusually for me I used both.

Interestingly the Tyldwick tarot gave me all minor cards, while the Wildwood gave me majors, so there is a balance between them.

The four of swords, five of staves and ace of staves came up first, indicating challenges and competition leading to new beginnings, and this was backed up by the Pole Star and the Blasted Oak reminding us to trust in ourselves and accept that freedom comes when we are no longer under false illusion.  I go into more detail in the video, so I shall let you enjoy that.

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If I don't get a chance again, I'd like to wish all of you a blessed Yule and I hope you have a wonderful and productive week.

Blessed be )0(