Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Tarot Cards For This Week

Merry meet and a wonderful monday to you all!

Yes another week is now upon us and so I have drawn some cards to guide us through the week.  This week I have selected from the Wildwood tarot.

The general message here is to give yourself a bit of a break and try to take a step back from any conflict and confusion.  There is joy to be found in even the darkest of places, and if you are spiritually and emotionally honest and generous with your soul you will find it easier to tackle difficulties with grace, dignity and maintain a sense of civility.

If things have been rough you will be feeling the need to withdraw from the chaos a little, and the Hooded Man is here to tell you that that is ok right now. However use the time to think about what has been going on and then make the effort to learn from the challenges you have faced, both good and bad.  See this as the beginning of your greater understanding and celebrate the opportunity.

Finally the two of vessels reveals there is great potential to explore a somewhat challenging relationship right now.  This could be someone you know well, a lover or a work colleague for example, who is suddenly opposing your views, or a new person entering your life that instantly rubbed you up the wrong way.  Either way, if you can allow time for the dust to settle and the defences to start coming down then the rewards can be great.

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Until next week everyone,

Blessed be )0(