Monday, 24 November 2014

Tarot Cards for the Week - 24/11/14 - 30/11/14

Merry meet one and all and welcome to the tarot reading for this week.

Today the Wildwood Tarot called to me and it gave me the Ace of Arrows, the Forest Lovers and the World Tree.

From the Wildwood tarot
The wheel of the year is turning.  For those of us in the northern hemisphere winter is almost upon us and this is a time to look within at what you want to achieve and how you want to grow as the crops grow in spring.  This is where the Ace of Arrows comes in as it encourages us to breathe life into our dreams and make them a reality.

The Forest Lovers remind us that all healthy relationships are about balance and harmony; this includes our relationship with ourselves and with our spirituality and divine connections, our gods and goddesses.  Any imbalance will be painfully obvious but this enables us to deal with this and bring things back to a point of harmony.

The World Tree  reminds us that life is full of twists and turns but the destination never changes; that destination is fulfilment.  If you are aware of witchcraft or the Law of Attraction you will know that the Universe is infinitely generous, you just have to have a heart open enough to receive the gifts sent to us.  That could be wealth, spiritual happiness, love, or anything you dream about.  Remember the Ace of Arrows?  You can make this happen if you start this week.  Heck, you can make it happen whenever, but the Universe is letting you know it is waiting for you. Knowledge and wisdom are available to you if your heart is sincere, so open up and rejoice.

So that's what is going on this week.  As always if you would like a more personally tailored reading about the week or a specific situation, visit or click on the links above.

Until next time everyone,

Blessed be )0(

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