Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tarot Card of the Day

Ok folks, you may have noticed the card of the day posts have been a bit, well, not-every-day.  I have absolutely no idea what is going on with the tech at the moment but I can't upload my videos to my YouTube channel which makes things rather tricky, and the file sizes are too big to upload directly onto here, so for now I shall do my best simply with typing and pictures; you'll have to imagine my dulcet tones and odd facial expressions :)

So todays card is The Empress, and she is all about feminine power.  Now before I lose all the guys think about the real world implications.  This is about creativity.  Of course it can mean biological fertility and children, but it is also about ideas, projects, dreams.  Perhaps you are thinking of taking up a new hobby.  You could be thinking of starting up in business or going freelance.  Maybe, with the festive season rapidly approaching, you are thinking of ways to bring in a bit of extra cash.  This is the Empress working through you.

On the other hand, this may be a sign from the Universe that you need to give yourself some TLC.  If you have been pushing yourself hard recently give yourself a break; whether the issue is work or love a step back right now will give you room to breathe and maybe see things with a fresh set of eyes and figure out what needs to be done to break through whatever is holding you back.

Whatever way the Empress is speaking to you, make sure you look after yourself today, do something you enjoy and treat yourself a little.  You never know what wonderful ideas will come into your life once you relax.

With love and light,

Blessed be everyone.