Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tarot Card of the Day for Tuesday 28th October

Merry meet everyone, and welcome to my card of the day video and blog.

The Hanged Man can mean so many things, he's a bit of an enigma. During a straightforward reading the context makes the interpretation clear, but as a card of the day he is a bit trickier.  Maybe you feel you have had your world turned upside down?  It could be that putting others first is needed, or that you must sacrifice something.

The thing I like about this deck is it challenges me to think more about what message is trying to be communicated, and if you watch the video you'll see I have an epiphany moment!  So I'll leave you to watch and hopefully you too will suddenly think "I've got it!".

Until tomorrow everyone (and don't forget to listen in to the show at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern/8pm UK because I will be discussing my perspective on Halloween as a British witch)

Blessed be )0(