Monday, 27 October 2014

Tarot Card of the Day for Monday 27th October 2014

Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of another busy week.

This week sees my diary full of appointments, including two radio shows (check out my Facebook page for more information about those) and Samhain, so I was intrigued to see what card came up today.

Any tarot reader will tell you there are some cards they just don't connect with, and the Five of Coins is one of them for me.  This card generally is about what is lacking in your life, but to me this version of this card is more about the possibilities.  Maybe that is my "annoying optimist" persona coming out, but rather than seeing what is missing I view this card as "what adventure awaits behind that door?"  However I know I am a bit odd that way, so for the video I have explored the more common themes so hopefully they will resonate with you and you can answer your questions.

Until tomorrow everyone,

Blessed be )0(