Friday, 31 October 2014

Tarot card of the Day for Friday 31st October 2014

Merry meet one and all and welcome to my card of the day for Samhain, or Halloween as it is commonly known, and what a card we have!

The Tyldwick Tarot
I almost laughed when The Devil came up, and just look at the card for a moment; you stand before a mirror and all your demons are reflected back at you.  But this card is very appropriate for today because if Samhain is about anything it is about facing up to what the previous year has taught you and which lessons you have ignored or run away from.  Only by facing these fears, these monsters in our heads, can we be strong enough to fight them, defeat them and move forward.

I'll leave you with the video, and if you want to share your experiences and what this card means to you I'd be honoured to connect with you.

Until next time,

Blessed Samhain everyone! )0(