Friday, 10 October 2014

Tarot Card of the Day (and into the weekend too!)

Hello everyone!

Ok, so I know yesterday's card was a tough one, with The Guardian forcing us to face our deepest fears (missed it?  Watch it here) but today's card is the perfect reward; we have the Sun of Life.

I go into more detail about this card's meaning on the video, but I want you to remember that the Guardian wasn't expecting you to solve all your issues in one day, this is an ongoing process, but it you did manage to really think about what is holding you back yesterday the Sun of Life will be shining down upon you, warming your soul and filling your heart with joy.

Not there yet?  That's ok, it may take time.  The important thing is you take the time over the weekend to really face whatever is hiding in your subconscious and start forgiving.  The Sun is already shining it's encouragement upon us to encourage us forward, so trust that this really is the right time to do this and free yourself from your inhibiting thoughts.

Blessed be )0(